Dreams on 16 Lunar Day

Despite the fact that the full moon affects the sixteenth lunar day, this day is very positive literally in everything. Today the world is ruled by harmony, balance, calmness and moderation. It is very important to catch this wave and follow it, so as not to stay and not lose such a wonderful day in the energy plan. Today everything works for peace. The symbols of the sixteenth lunar day — a butterfly and a dove — symbolize the soul and easy transition from one world to another. Even the sign of the Zodiac of this day is Libra, which strive to balance everything and bring it to a state of harmony: on one side of the scale is our sinful, terrestrial, corporeal essence, on the other — our spiritual existence. All this in any case today will reflect on your mood.

What recommendations can be given to ensure that the sixteenth lunar day was filled and useful? First, you need to find within yourself this balance between the physical and the spiritual, so that one does not inadvertently outweigh the other. Secondly, working zeal and a thirst for physical activity should now subside. It is better to engage in spiritual practices and meditation to tune in to the path of spiritual search and self-improvement. Today you need to do everything possible to feel the peace of mind and harmony that fills the day. If you do not feel it, most likely, somewhere you today have left the planned way and have brought down a cup of scales of the life.

The sixteenth lunar day is ideal for self-education, and it is worth dwelling on such universal values as kindness, forgiveness, love, justice, humility, gentleness and tolerance. If today you focus on these features, you will feel like a renewed, newly born person who parted with his sinful past and is open to a completely new life. This is precisely the essence of the sixteenth lunar day.

We must not forget that the sixteenth lunar day is affected by the full moon, so that negative energy will find its way out, and it is very important for you to block it in time so that it does not spoil the harmony of that day. According to the signs of the sixteenth lunar day, it is strictly forbidden to kill birds on this day. If you find a dirty spot on your clothes that day, this is a sure sign that in your life, unfortunately, everything is not as good as it seems.

Dreams Interpretation on Sixteenth Lunar Day

Often dreams of this lunar day are prophetic. But sometimes they are just a mirror of our inner state. And you yourself have to determine which of these dreams you saw this night. Prophetic dreams, as a rule, will be quite realistic. You can dream of people from your real life, relatives or colleagues. You can find yourself in familiar places. To the pictures seen in such a dream, this day is worth listening to and trying to understand them. It is very likely that this dream is prophetic.

If your dreams are surreal, mystical or even fantastic, then this dream is nothing but a reflection of your inner mental state, which through the dream the subconscious translates into your consciousness. Here you will not be helped by any dream books, try to understand for yourself, what features and problems are revealed to you through such a dream. If you correctly understand these images, you have every chance to properly work on yourself, your behavior and actions. And this will help you improve your life qualitatively, get rid of bad qualities that prevent you from living happily.

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