Dreams on 17 Day of Month

The fact is that all the pleasant events that happen in the dreams of this day are almost always reflected in the life of the dreamer, sometimes quite soon. But the reflection is, as a rule, strictly opposite. In other words, all the positive subjects of this day’s dreams do not promise the sleeper anything good in the future. With unpleasant dreams, the situation is much simpler — they are all carried out exactly as they were reflected by the dreamer’s subconscious in a dream. If it was a prophetic vision, then it usually comes true within twenty days.

Dreams of the seventeenth day can be harbingers of tests that can impose a personal imprint on the fate of a person. Sometimes the dreams of this calendar day can warn a person against future expositions or the discovery of his secrets, one should be more attentive to all dreams that leave behind him a feeling of awkwardness and shame. In addition, there is a narrow niche of dreams of this day — which carry a positive beginning. These are dreams in which there are all kinds of confrontations and acts of rivalry, such plots can say that the future has not been decided yet and it is still possible to compete for a successful outcome.

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