Dreams on 17 Lunar Day

The symbol of the seventeenth lunar day is a bunch of grapes that bring people fertility and a sense of fullness of life. The symbol of this day extends its significance to everything: work will be very productive, rest — useful, love — tender and passionate. However, all this you will receive only if you yourself respond to the positive energy of the seventeenth lunar day. Be open to this world, give love and attention to surrounding and close people, radiate only light and good: only in this case everything will be returned to you in full.

It is worthwhile to avoid manifestations of any negative by any means. Try not to allow conflicts, quarrels and misunderstandings, as they can destroy the beneficial aura of this beautiful day. To do this, you have to work on yourself: control emotions, do not let the wrath and anger out of it, which on this day is only a destructive beginning.

Since the seventeenth lunar day is overflowed with positive energy, the most sensitive people can receive important revelations for their lives, which they have been waiting for a long time. For the same reason, there is a possibility of a fateful meeting on this day, which will make you happy with a successful marriage, so it is worth getting accustomed to new acquaintances on this day. In addition, the distribution of this abundance of energy will fall on your shoulders. If you know how to manage it, the day will pass perfectly. If you allow weakness and are at a loss, how and where to send this riot, everything can end very sad: many people organize noisy parties that end with a usual drinking or fighting.

The seventeenth lunar day is full of love, which you want to give your second half a lot and endlessly. Therefore, today it is possible to reconcile two quarrelsome lovers, successful marriages and the most passionate and hot nights of love that one can imagine. Especially beautiful and loving on this day are women who are created to love and be loved.

The energy of this day is fruitful for creative endeavors, so you have a great opportunity for self-expression, which will result in an unprecedented success. Just direct energy into the creative channel — and you will become the author of this masterpiece, which will surprise you, and even everyone around you. As a rule, on that day it was considered useful to drink a glass of wine, but stop in time and not indulge in unrestrained drunkenness.

Dreams Interpretation on Seventeenth Lunar Day

The energy of the seventeenth lunar day will also affect your subconscious: today’s dreams will prompt wise and able to read revelations to the person, whether it is the right way. This day dreams for prophetic dreams and dreams, which are our subconscious reflection on the outside world. It is very important to remember not the images you dreamed, but the emotional sensation that was left after awakening. Sometimes in dreams we can also see our hidden fears and experiences.

If the dream was easy, enjoyable, even if you do not remember exactly what you were dreaming about, this can only mean one thing: the path you have chosen is truly true. So do not turn around with him, look for some other roads and doubt. If at night we are tormented by nightmares and fears, we should pay special attention to the love sphere of our life. In ancient books, dreams of this day are described as a gateway to the world of our sexuality and true desires. But do not treat any image of sleep only in the context of physiological processes. Quite the contrary, pay attention to your emotionality and spirituality. If in a dream that day you are tormented by fears and do not leave negative feelings, you probably should work on your emancipation, become more sensual and alive in a relationship with your loved one.

Analyze your experience, your actions, reconsider some of your values and ideals. Maybe it’s time to start working on the mistakes that have so ruined your life and yourself? Heavy dreams on the seventeenth lunar day are just another proof of that. To the seventeenth lunar day was favorable, you should feel its positive energy and direct it in the right direction. In this case, it will be remembered as the most unusual and happy day in your life.

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