Dreams on 18 Day of Month

The vast majority of dreams of this day are meaningless fruits of subconscious activity. Whatever the dreams of this number are extremely accurate or absolutely abstract, how much they are important does not depend on their content, but on what kind of weather they were seen. Dreams of the eighteenth calendar day โ€” come true only if they dreamed in rainy and cloudy weather. Such dreams become reality very quickly, within a few days.

Interpret such dreams can also be a person who does not have certain esoteric knowledge, since their content is based on the generally accepted human symbols that are embedded in the subconscious memory cell from time immemorial. In addition, dreams that are dreamed on the eighteenth calendar day and fall under the requirements of being meaningful can carry information about how stable the dreamerโ€™s financial position and his relationship with the environment and the family are at this stage.

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