Dreams on 18 Lunar Day

The eighteenth lunar day is favorable first of all by giving a person a chance to work on himself and correct the distortions that have been hitherto in his soul. However, this entails the difficulties of this day: you will have to make a lot of efforts to understand yourself and betray the most cruel criticism of your loved one. If you want to sit tight today in a quiet place somewhere and do nothing, your passivity will soon come to you sideways. This is fraught with the fact that you can get under someone’s influence and turn into an ordinary puppet. You will feel that you are all respected, that you are above all of them, but this will only be a self-deception and illusory illusion. When the time comes to decide something, they will not listen to you.

If you listen to your inner voice, you can hear not only him. Turn to your spiritual side, and you will open energy channels, you can understand the previously unseen connections between some events, the actions of people close to you. You can clearly see the attitude of others around you and comprehend the causes of those problems that exist in your life at the moment. Listen carefully, peer at every detail of the day - everything will be the key to unraveling your very essence. Every word tries on yourself, draw conclusions, analyze — only this way you can turn this extraordinary day for yourself.

The symbol of the eighteenth lunar day is a mirror in which you can see your true essence when trying. It is a symbol of self-knowledge and truth - maybe, for someone it will turn out to be bitter. Of course, working on yourself involves humility. Do not succumb to your sinful nature: humble your pride, have patience, listen to someone else’s opinion. Preserve in all as much as possible prudence, but instincts are a good time to pacify and leave them until better times. Drive away vanity and revenge, hatred and evil thoughts. Remember that the eighteenth lunar day calls exclusively for the good, the embodiment of which you must become today.

If you have too much unspent energy left over from past lunar days, direct it into a creative channel: do a good deed and focus on spiritual practice. Believe me: this will bring the most positive results. Since ancient times it is believed that on this day you need to look in the mirror. A somewhat allegorical sign: look into the spiritual mirror to yourself, in order to comprehend your thoughts and actions. This will help you to make a deep analysis of your principles and moral values that guide your life. And the better you understand today, the easier it will be for you in the future to confidently take steps on your big and spacious path.

Dreams Interpretation on Eighteenth Lunar Day

On the eighteenth moon day you will dream about yourself. Or rather, they will reflect the most secret your essence, which, perhaps, you even do not guess. This day often has prophetic dreams. Dreams will become a mirror in which you can see your own essence. It will be very useful to rein in later some impulses.

If you dreamed suddenly that you are aggressive and ready to destroy everything around you, think: why such negative energy sits in you and bursts out? Perhaps, you are too exhausting yourself in the framework and are afraid to come up with an initiative once again, although the soul is burning and asking for something completely different? Or you hate someone so much, but you can not find out the relationship with this person to the end, and this is so painful for you, what is manifested even in a dream? Think: this is your real essence, and it will someday find a way out, if you do not solve a lot of accumulated problems on time.

Carefully analyze your dreams on the eighteenth lunar day, because it is they and only they will show you your own essence and its sore spots, which you should pay attention to. Thanks to them, you can balance the external and internal, surrounding and your inner worlds. The eighteenth lunar day is a time of active work on ourselves and our inner world, which leaves no time for laziness and passivity.

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