Dreams on 19 Lunar Day

The difficult, rather heavy nineteenth lunar day will contribute to the tension of all human forces, which is associated with the colossal energy that descends on that day from the Cosmos. The symbol of the nineteenth lunar day is a spider. On the one hand, he can lure into his network, confuse and shackle all your further movements. On the other hand, in many cultures the spider is the symbol of Weaver and the Creator. This means that a person on this day himself creates his own destiny. And only from his actions and thoughts will depend on which direction his future life will take.

The excess energy of this day exacerbates the sensitivity, and the person becomes vulnerable. As a result, he can succumb to someone elseโ€™s influence from the side, from which it will then be very difficult to free himself. In addition, you can easily find yourself manipulating other people on this day. All this can lead to illusions, self-deception and wrong choice of the path.

The negative of the nineteenth lunar day is also connected with Scorpio, under whose sign it passes. This is a very dual symbol, which is most directly reflected in the nineteenth lunar day. On the one hand, Scorpio contributes to a rigid internal self-discipline, self-control, which leads to the conquest of the highest peaks. On the other hand, this image is a symbol of lies, resourcefulness, betrayal and even self-destruction. Both take place on this controversial and difficult day.

All this is fraught with the fact that the risk of being deceived on this day is very large. Be prepared for the fact that even the best friends and time-tested partners can betray and offer ideas that will soon turn against you. So check any information that becomes available to you on this day. Do not trust anyone and nothing.

To protect yourself from lies and bitter disappointments, loneliness and seclusion will be the best solution. Deeper into reading useful literature, thoroughly pray, devote some time to mantras and meditation, to various spiritual practices. This will all benefit you only, will help to direct excess energy in the right direction. During the analysis of your past, you can unexpectedly discover in yourself such parties, which you did not even suspect. This will help you better understand the mistakes you have made, and find the right way to correct them. A sign of the nineteenth lunar day is to avoid debts: moreover, it is not recommended borrowing money as debt, and not to give them. But sincere tears are considered on this day to be very useful and purifying.

Dreams Interpretation on Nineteenth Lunar Day

On the nineteenth lunar day, we often see prophetic dreams. In the dreams of this day, the darkest and hidden sides of our character are revealed to us. But do not literally interpret all the images seen. Do not forget that our subconscious can very hyperbolize any pictures and events, and the most harmless kitten in a dream turns into a terrible tiger. And if you, for example, dream of sexual violence, then this can be just a signal that indicates that in your intimate life, some aspects need to be changed. Today, we need to be especially careful when deciphering dreams. The main thing is not to go to extremes and fatalism. After all, false conclusions can lead you to the wrong path and confuse.

All the most hidden aspects of your subconscious have the ability to manifest themselves in the dreams of the nineteenth lunar day. Correctly catching that other image in your dream, having received the correct interpretation, you can reconsider much of what is happening in your life. This knowledge will help to take control of not only your actions and thoughts, but also some events that before, as you thought, are completely independent of you. Be extremely careful and careful on the nineteenth lunar day, not to fall into the web of self-deception and illusions.

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