Dreams on 2 Lunar Day

This day is full of creative energy: everything that you planned yesterday, you can begin to realize. Aries is the leader of this day — the creator of a new life and renewal. Under the influence of this zodiacal constellation, one should feel in oneself the awakening of new forces, the flowering of opportunities, and see the far horizons of their activity. Aries inspires confidence in people in the future and gives the desire to turn mountains. And the right way on this day will help to choose intuition.

The moon will allow you to understand this day your own attitude to many things around you: starting from your menu and ending with your loved one. If you listen to the inner voice, you can finally resolve many of your doubts and be sure of the correctness of the chosen path. How to do it?

To begin with, you need to retire in a quiet, secluded place, where no one will bother you. Sit in a comfortable position, relax, try to move away from extraneous thoughts and focus on that subject, your attitude to which you would like to understand. For example, you doubt whether to leave a person in your environment or to break a suspicious relationship. Imagine mentally his image to trifles: remember his movements, facial expressions, voice, characteristic expressions. What you feel for him at this moment will be your true attitude, which you can trust: it was received on the second lunar day, when the intuition is sharpened to the limit and tells only the truth. It will not be superfluous to conduct the same procedure with the choice of food that will have a beneficial effect on your body.

Imagine this or that dish, its smell, look, taste. You want to try it — safely include it in your diet for the entire coming month. If the product causes negative emotions, discard it. Thus, you can make the right menu not only for this day, but for the entire lunar cycle, which is just beginning. The organism for such a choice will only thank you for your well-being. To your own intuition you can listen and in ordinary affairs, when there is no time to relax. If you need to make a decision, listen to the feelings of the heart, and not to the arguments of reason: only intuition will help to do everything right and not repent later of the decision.

The symbol of the second lunar day is the mythological Cornucopia, which symbolizes wealth, prosperity, material wealth. He has not only light (generosity, kindness, wealth) side, but also dark (greed, greed, envy). It depends on the person himself, which side to take to him today. Try not to stint on that day either with money or with feelings: tell people pleasant words, do not offend anyone, make gifts, give alms — in this case, the Moon will give you extraordinary power and energy, and every given cent will return in the future a hundredfold.

Dreams Interpretation on Second Lunar Day

Many believe that the dreams that a person saw on the second lunar day, do not make sense, are useless. But this is far from the case. On this day, all dreams are generated by our intuition, the subconscious. They are simply very difficult to explain, because they are dictated by intuition. But those who can grasp the rational grain in these dreams and draw conclusions for themselves will receive a real revelation that will be of great importance in the future.

On this day you can have horrible dreams, you can see incredible nightmares and wake up in a cold sweat. But do not get too frightened. Try for all this phantasmagoria to see the rational and understand that all these pictures you want to tell the subconscious. Especially seriously it is worth taking to dreams on this day those who are at a crossroads, got into a difficult situation and are looking for the right solution: it is the dream that will help you get out of the hopeless web.

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