Dreams on 20 Lunar Day

Prepare for the fact that the twentieth lunar day is very full of energy, but it carries a creative, not destructive, beginning. If you manage to use it correctly, to wrap up the increased forces for your own good, in your life, events that will become very significant can happen soon. Do not be afraid to be active today and take the initiative: it will only turn out to be good results and success in any business.

Eagle, as a symbol of the twentieth lunar day, gives this day its nobility, transformation, inspiration, contemplation, ascension, courage, strength and ability to overcome on its way a variety of difficulties. Such a positive beginning of the twentieth lunar day continues the sign of Sagittarius, under which they flow. He helps a person on this day to transform his own consciousness, listen to his natural intuition, to connect the aspirations of both souls and bodies.

On this day it is recommended to take the most responsible decisions and not be afraid of them. Only those who will not doubt their actions, will be able to enjoy the desired results in the future. Do not forget to leave the energy of the day and for self-improvement, which today needs to be given special attention. Even if you are not engaged in special spiritual practices, it will be enough to devote even a little time to attention to solitude and your own thoughts. Put them in order, filter out the unnecessary and boldly act further. If you have any gift, talent — today they will reveal full and many-sided, bring you success and respect. Just let them spill out, support them. If you have long wanted to get rid of one of your addictions that prevent you from living, this day will help you finally do it.

The test and difficulties of the twentieth lunar day will be associated with the symbol of this day — Eagle. It must be remembered that this is a majestic, regal and proud bird that knows its worth. For a person on this day, it is very important not to overstate one’s own importance, not to become proud and not to fly too far. Try to objectively evaluate all your strengths and opportunities, or else it will hurt you very much: you risk crashing.

In general, the energy of this day is able to open a person’s eyes to many things that he did not understand before. The world can open to him completely from a different angle. As a result, the plans for the future and the way of thinking can change. To this, everything can only come through an understanding of one’s past actions and mistakes, through their correction. Only in this way a person will be able to feel the strength to go further, the inner purity, the opportunity to decide something and take.

Dreams Interpretation on Twentieth Lunar Day

The dreams of the twentieth lunar day, if interpreted correctly, can show you your personality from all sides: both positive manifestations of your consciousness, and negative — everyone will find an outlet this night. Prepare for the fact that these revelations may not be very pleasant, but it will help you understand better yourself, learn the lessons and change. A distinctive feature of the dreams of the twentieth lunar day is the reunion of time. That is, you will see the events of your past, present and future, intertwined. This will once again prove to you that all your actions that you have committed in the past, somehow affect your future. Having understood for yourself this pattern, having realized the cause-effect relationships in your life, you can see the picture of your own existence in its entirety, without embellishment. This will help you understand your own life, and the positive energy of the twentieth lunar day will help you to start bright and necessary transformations.

On the twentieth lunar day, try to practice lucid dreams. The space at this time is very open, so even if you do not know anything about this technique, you can get unexpectedly interesting results. The easiest way to control your dreams on this day is to make yourself a mental suggestion of what you would like to see in your dream. When you fall asleep, scroll through some pictures, images in your head, think about people with whom you would be pleased to meet. Subsequently, the subconscious and energy flows will do their job. The main thing try not to forget the pictures in the morning. Evaluate them, draw conclusions for yourself and try to develop your skills further. Take advantage of the positive energy of the twentieth lunar day: it will help you change your life for the better.

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