Dreams on 21 Day of Month

On this day you can see a variety of dreams, but not many of them are significant at all. The thing is that on this day you should pay attention only to those dreams that are well remembered. If the dream in memory can not be recreated completely, it is better not to start thinking about interpretation, because you can make a lot of mistakes and mislead yourself. A distinctive feature of the dreams of this day is that they are not directly related to the dreamer, but point to future events in the life of his environment in the future. The dream will come true if the dreamer can not see it to the end, that is, the dream will be interrupted in some key moment of the story line.

If the dream of this day was full of memorable stories, bright or frightening — it will certainly come true, but not so soon, but after a long period. A dream that sleeps on the 21st day of the month reflects your aspirations at this stage of life, if the dream was pleasant to you, you will soon be able to accomplish everything that is planned for you. The negative symbols of this day’s dreams include any images that can frighten or leave in the morning a feeling of despair or fear in a sleeping person. Dreams in which there are not bright events and symbolic images — as a rule, this day are meaningless and it is not worth paying attention to them.

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