Dreams on 21 Lunar Day

All the symbols of this wonderful day are filled with active, very useful energy, which will help to do much on this day. First, one of the symbols of the twenty-first lunar day is a temple that marks a spiritual rebirth, a unity of earthly life and heavenly life. Thus, the day is favorable for self-improvement and self-improvement. Secondly, the twenty-first lunar day passes under the sign of the powerful and agreeable sign of Sagittarius in all respects. It marks the transformation of consciousness, which today will be very useful and will not slow down to bring the most rapid and beneficial results.

Usually on this day, records are set and the most significant discoveries are made. Indeed, it is precisely today that all the forces, reserves, potentials hidden so far in you are awakened. The main thing is to take advantage of these awakened opportunities in time, to direct them to a good, big deal, and not to spray them over trifles. Today, many will feel an unprecedented determination and courage in order to realize much of what was planned earlier. Today there will be no place for feelings like fear or doubt. Moreover, you can even sacrifice some of your interests for the sake of good goals and achieve a result, which would not have ever done before. But only in this way you can escape from the circle of everyday life and change for the better the routine, habitual way of life.

The twenty-first lunar day is one of those few days of the lunar cycle, when you can and even need to break your loneliness. This is the day of the most active and useful communication that will help you understand many things and will open up new horizons for you. At work, the team spirit will benefit greatly when a lot of people have to rally for one purpose — and the result will surpass all expectations. It is worth to visit friends, show care and attention to them. The twenty-first lunar day will have a beneficial effect on those who today show nobility, honesty, justice, benevolence, participation, friendliness and will avoid lying, greed and greed.

Therefore, in moments of the most active communication, do not forget to carefully analyze your thoughts, actions, actions — to work on yourself, cultivating yourself. On this day group spiritual practices aimed at working with the energy flow will be successful. A great relief will also come from spiritual conversations, repentance, confession. Remove negative points, correct them, and strengthen and strengthen them. In any case, do not shut yourself out today: throw out all your problems.

The twenty-first lunar day has its own signs. Firstly, if you are deceived on this day, betrayed, stolen something, then soon you will find out about it: the truth will necessarily pop up. Secondly, on this day, promises are especially powerful, non-observance of which can result in the most tragic consequences for you. So be careful and do not give vain vows, in the performance of which you are not sure.

Dreams Interpretation on Twenty-First Lunar Day

Since the twenty-first lunar day is so rich in creative potential, tearing outside, he, without finding a decent way out in the day, will certainly manifest himself in dreams. And it does not matter if your main activity is related to your talents, but the dreams of this day will show you your creative abilities. On this day, you are unlikely to see prophetic dreams. As a rule, they do not carry us any valuable information and are simply a subconscious experience of events that happen to us in real life.

Only one character from our sleep can have meaning today. If you dream something related to horses, pay attention to these images. This symbolizes the upcoming changes or trials that you will face. If the dream is light and bright, then you fully realize yourself in life, choosing the right direction. If after awakening there will be a heavy feeling, most likely, you could not realize in life your creative potential. Perhaps, it is necessary at last to be engaged in favorite business and to get out of a bog in which you have appeared?

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