Dreams on 22 Lunar Day

The symbol of the twenty-second lunar days is a big and kind elephant, which informs this day of such positive energy and the dimension of all actions. At the same time, it symbolizes wisdom and high intelligence, strength and prudence, insight and patience, energy and supreme power. All this will be more or less manifested on this day, but in any case it will be pleasant, quiet and calm.

On this day it is very useful to do the routine work, which you are constantly postponing for tomorrow. It is very useful to address today to its origins — to read ancient documents, to look at one’s family tree, and to engage in questions of history. All this will help to draw the right conclusions, take into account the mistakes of their ancestors and their own.

Prepare yourself for the fact that information on this day will be pummeled on you by continuous streams, and you should intuitively hear through these avalanches, catch only the most important, necessary, that has a direct bearing on your life. These are the signs that are sent by the energy of the twenty-second lunar day — and they will help you to properly orient yourself in the current situation, will prompt you how to act in the future.

You will constantly feel a sharpened intuition that will help you find the right and necessary path. Be able to listen to yourself this day, in order to reveal the secrets of your consciousness. Perhaps you will open such knowledge that you will need to share with others. Know that the twenty-second lunar day only supports the transmission of any experience. Just try to do this without any swagger and arrogance: they will not fit into the positive background of this day.

Today it will be useful to do creativity and self-improvement. This will help you direct the energy of the twenty-second day to create something better and more perfect. The elephant, the symbol of this day, teaches us all this day to display altruism, wisdom, generosity, patience, justice and prudence, but without any regret get rid of pride and lies in any of their manifestations. The sign of the twenty-second lunar days says that painting and drawing classes on this day can bring misfortune on the artist.

Dreams Interpretation on Twenty-Second Lunar Day

The rich informationality and the aggravated intuition of the twenty second lunar days make the dreams of this day real revelations for those who can catch the essence of dreams. The dreams of this day are often prophetic. They carry a lot of useful information, symbolism, point us to existing problems or reveal the curtain over the events that will occur in the future. Try to remember everything you see in a dream today. Do not be scared if the images from your dreams are frightening and terrifying. Remember, they do not give in to the direct interpretation, all this is a hidden symbolism. Will you see the secret signs - you can change your own life so that then with gratitude you will remember that night that sent you such priceless signs.

When interpreting the dreams of the twenty-second lunar day, try to recreate a holistic picture of your life. For this, remember the events of the last days, consider the information signs that were sent to you in the daytime, and then combine it all with your dreams. Only in this way you will be able to understand what is happening to your life in reality, what to be wary of and where to move on. Try this day to make the most of all the information channels that provide you with these lunar days. In general, the twenty-second lunar day allows you to actively rest and soul, and the body and nourish on the remaining days of positive energy.

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