Dreams on 23 Lunar Day

The unstable energy of the twenty-third lunar day will manifest itself in all spheres of life. If you do not restrain it and do not send it to useful things, it will lead to rampage, anger and destruction. This is also facilitated by the symbol of these lunar days - the Crocodile. He always denoted movement against the current, death, destruction of the usual boundaries. If you do not cope with this energy twenty-third lunar days, by the middle of the day you will feel completely devastated and exhausted. Therefore, you must be extremely careful, cautious and act very consciously.

On the other hand, the day is very active, and in many respects it is the influence of two characters, completely opposite to each other. Turtle means dimensionality, traditionalism, calmness, wisdom, immortality, creativity. It dictates to everyone this day to delve into themselves for the search for truth and the golden mean on this difficult day. Everything that is connected with spiritual growth, on this day will bring only positive results. It is necessary to focus only on the bright sides of your soul and try not to show aggression.

It will be very difficult: thoughts will always return to anger, revenge, hatred and other destructive emotions. Few can cope with them. In personal matters, it is better not to manifest yourself at all: to retire and engage in self-improvement. But in the professional field, the energy surplus of the twenty-third lunar day can easily be turned to good use. To do this, you must achieve your goal by any means, be assertive and firmly uphold your beliefs and principles. Only in this way it will be possible to achieve something on this difficult day. The danger is that you need to be able to balance between assertiveness and arrogance. You can not indulge anybody and inflame conflicts: it will end in self-destruction.

The duality of this day will manifest itself in the physical condition of man. Since the lunar cycle is declining, the moon is waning, you will feel sluggish, weak, apathetic. You will be overcome by laziness, and it will seem to you that you are not capable of anything. However, this can be overcome by thinking about oneโ€™s own self-improvement, about his future path and the correction of past mistakes. All this will contribute to the influx of new forces.

The duality of the twenty-third lunar day is manifested even in the fact that there is a transition from the sign of Sagittarius to the sign of Capricorn, and this transition is accomplished by man quite easily. Both signs symbolize the transformation of consciousness. But if Sagittarius is a change in the inner world of a person, the transformation of his spirituality, then Capricorn will touch upon his influence all worldly, earthly, vain and material. Quite unexpectedly for a man can show on this day an extraordinary greed, stinginess, greed, vanity, ambition. On the one hand, all this will ultimately lead to self-destruction. On the other hand, you will be able to know yourself better: what lies in the depths of your subconscious and what you are capable of.

Dreams Interpretation on Twenty-Third Lunar Day

The whole negativity of the twenty-third lunar day will look for an outlet in your dreams, so do not wait for light and lighthearted dreams today. Basically, the dreams of this day are very chaotic, incomprehensible, knocked down in one heap, but most importantly - painful and unpleasant. Dreams of this day are rarely prophetic, do not take these images literally. As a rule, everything happens the other way around. If you dream something tragic and bad, then in the near future in your life there will be some kind of joyful event. If you dreamed that one of your relatives or friends died โ€” this is a direct sign that he will live long.

They will help to understand what kind of internal conflict you are ripe for, how to experience this transformation of consciousness with minimal losses, which way to choose. With the correct interpretation, you can cut that Gordian knot that has been torturing you for a long time, but you just can not understand what is the essence of your torment. The dreams of the twenty-third lunar day will help you to realize this. This is the only way forward. Despite the complexity, ambiguity and inconsistency of the twenty-third lunar day, strong individuals will be able to wrap up an overabundance of his energy for their own benefit.

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