Dreams on 24 Lunar Day

The twenty-fourth lunar day is full of inexhaustible energy, and it will concern not so much spiritual impulses as physical forces. Therefore, often this day is called masculine: it awakens sexual attraction and promotes sports. It is believed that today the forces of nature are awakened: it is not for nothing that the symbol of these lunar days is a bear — the true embodiment of physical strength, courage and endurance. But this is only an external interpretation of this symbol: in many peoples this animal is considered a conductor between two worlds.

In the light of all these features of the twenty-fourth lunar day on this day, it is very useful to go in for sports. Going to the gym, running and even the usual morning exercises will bring tangible results. It is on this day that numerous records are made — personal and global.

Bearing in mind that the bear is the messenger of two worlds, it is very important not to forget about your inner world. If sports are for some reason impossible for you today, direct the flow of spiraling energy into a slightly different channel, where it can also benefit you — for self-improvement. It is especially good today to hone the ability to redistribute energy and manage it. If you do not manage to cope with the current flow, you do not need to spill it out for nothing. Lurk and save this energy in reserve to take advantage of on other days, meager in this regard. Hiding — this does not mean doing nothing, betraying boredom and laziness. Engage in your spiritual organization, analyze your thoughts, actions, principles. Try to put them in order, coordinate their actions with generally accepted moral values, and not go against them, against the current.

The twenty-fourth lunar day passes under the sign of Capricorn, which requires an attentive, almost quivering attitude towards the earth. Therefore, the accumulated energy will be useful to throw in the garden and in the suburban area. Just be like barefoot — you will be filled with a very positive, healthy energy. Capricorn contributes to the accumulation and transfer of experience, promotes the connection of generations, so that you can successfully keep a diary, visit your elderly relatives and just talk with your children.

The most attentive on this day is to be to those people who are very sensitive: the aggravation of intuition will be characteristic for this day. On this day, you can get real revelations, signs and symbols, after reading which, they will be able to understand and understand a lot. They can finally explain to themselves what is really going on in their lives. Dreams can help in this.

Dreams Interpretation on Twenty-Fourth Lunar Day

The twenty-fourth lunar day will be especially successful if you show your full creative potential to the maximum, be able to express your own vision of the world. But how to catch this note of inspiration? Where to draw strength? Here you will come to the aid of the dream-revelation of this extraordinary, wonderful day. Carefully look at the images that you see in a dream. Often they point us to unrealized creativity, show our strengths and weaknesses. If you correctly interpret what you saw in a dream, you can easily determine which way you should go further, how to develop your creative potential in order to gain true harmony and happiness in life. Astrologers who believe in reincarnation say that the pictures of dreams of this day can show us fragments of our past lives.

On this day, dreams are rarely prophetic. As a rule, our dreams reveal to us the hidden aspects of our sexual life. Do not look for any specific signs or symbols in them: to understand them, it will be enough to listen to your own feelings. If after a dream there are fine, pleasant feelings, then you do not need to change anything in your life: your creative and life potential is realized to the fullest. If, however, after sleep, you are burdensome in your soul, bad, pessimistic thoughts and mood seize you, think: it is your creative energy that asks for freedom. In general, on the twenty-fourth lunar day everyone has a positive and strong power — one has only to be able to use them.

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