Dreams on 26 Lunar Day

The over expenditure of energy on the twenty-sixth lunar day will be simply colossal. Even those who skillfully manage energy flows will feel that they are unable to control them today. Therefore, the most correct direction on this day is passivity, calmness and contemplation. Try to protect yourself from all initiative, aggression and activity: no good such movements today will not lead. Accordingly, today you need to spend time working on yourself, thinking and spiritual practices.

The symbols of the twenty-sixth lunar day (the toad and the swamp) are not the most positive: they mark the spiritual disintegration and the darkest sides of the human soul. They pull a man in his aspirations and desires down to his animal nature. On the other hand, Capricorn, under whose sign these lunar days proceed, means a spiritual rebirth and aspiration of a person to spiritual heights, knowledge of the highest truth, self-improvement. As a result, this day is energetically unstable: people rush from side to side, like a pendulum: from bad to good and back. Doubts and hesitations will now be seized by everyone, every minute there will be a reassessment of their own values, and this can be very exhausted.

Accordingly, the emotional background of the twenty-sixth lunar days leaves much to be desired. Not only you, but all surrounding will be suppressed, internally tense, irritated. As a result, conflicts, quarrels, and misunderstandings can erupt. To avoid them, you need to be able to control your emotions, or better still — to seclude yourself so that no one can provoke you to a negative outburst of emotion, which as a result will devastate the soul.

Secluded, you can think about what is happening around you. Take self-criticism (but not to self-flagellation) to see your own weaknesses. This will help you to begin to gradually get rid of them, to strive upward, moving away from your animal nature to the spiritual. Try not to judge anyone with yourself alone and not think about anyone badly: this day will not allow you to make objective judgments about others.

The twenty-sixth lunar day is extremely full of energy, which reveals to the person secret knowledge, therefore it is necessary to pay special attention to the signs and dreams of this hard day. They met a man with a full bucket — a sure sign that you are doing everything right, do not give up. The dreamed lightning is a real revelation, which on this day warns you of impending and very serious danger.

Dreams Interpretation on Twenty-Sixth Lunar Day

During the day, all the information appears before the person in a distorted form, so most of the conclusions he makes on these lunar days are wrong and deceptive. But dreams, on the contrary, will be purified by the subconscious and will appear before you without any cover. Interpretations and decoding will not be needed: what you see will be a direct indication of what is happening in your life. Dreams on this day, as it were, reveal the veil over our possible future, show us what we can become if we do not change anything in our life.

On the twenty-sixth lunar day, dreams should be treated carefully. Dreams of this day can reveal us the veil of secrecy, show what psychological problems we have. If you show such qualities as selfishness, greed, anger, vanity, careerism in your dreams of the twenty-sixth lunar day, no matter how unpleasant you are, you are such in this life. If you were too critical of yourself in your dream, you should think about the objectivity of your own self-esteem, so that it does not interfere with the disclosure of your true abilities in real life. Despite the weight of the twenty-sixth lunar day, it will help many to properly assess their own strengths and understand what he is capable of. The main thing is to keep calm and not interfere in anything.

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