Dreams on 28 Lunar Day

After a heavy, energy-consuming period like the previous days, the twenty-eighth lunar day will finally give you a burst of energy and nourish with positive energy. Today, any activity and initiative will bring only positive results, and therefore hurry to act and decide. The twenty-eighth lunar day passes under the signs of Aquarius and Pisces, each of which brings something of its own on these days. Aquarius will help your inner perfection, transition to a higher stage of development. And Pisces are a unity of soul and body, human and cosmic, spiritual and material.

You need to be able to make good use of the energy of this day: try to avoid any negative, otherwise it will destroy the entire auspicious aura of this day. This will require you to focus the most and concentrate on your own thoughts and emotions. Control yourself in everything: suppress anger, hatred, anger and know how to show yourself only on the good side. In any ways and ways, avoid quarrels and conflicts., Because they will exhaust you so much that by the end of the day you will not even have physical strength.

Spiritual development will be actively promoted by the symbol of this day — gentle and such a beautiful Lotus. He focuses the soul on creativity, spiritual rebirth, fertility in terms of ideas, the renewal of one’s own principles and spiritual immortality. Only Lotus knows how to harmoniously combine life and death, spirit and matter. Under his invisible protection you must be reborn today internally, discarding all unnecessary negativity and leaving only the most positive and necessary.

Spiritual rebirth will entail the discovery of new truths, which will occur through communication with the cosmos. So be ready for revelations from above, which will be useful to you today in the matter of spiritual improvement. Spiritual purity is the key to your success on the twenty-eighth lunar day. Be honest with yourself and with others. Try not to harm anyone on this day. Successful today will be lessons with your astral body: the soul may well recall its previous incarnations.

Dreams Interpretation on Twenty-Eighth Lunar Day

The twenty-eighth lunar day is one of the most successful days for interpreting dreams, since today we dream of prophetic dreams. You will easily be able to understand the symbols that you dream about. Through them you can see the episodes of your future. Therefore, be careful and after awakening try to remember as clearly as possible all the details. This information will not only relate to individual events that once occurred in your life, but rather to the experience of your emotional life. If you correctly understand the dream images, you can finally understand the weaknesses of your emotional sphere, what you need to do to strengthen them.

Thanks to the energy and revelations of the twenty-eighth lunar day, dreams today will be as full of information as possible, which, if properly interpreted, will benefit you. But it depends on you, whether what you dreamed in a dream is coming true. This is not an accurate picture of your life, but rather, only one of the possible scenarios, a kind of warning. Therefore, if your sleep was depressing and sinister, do not despair ahead of time! Remember that only you are the master of your life and in your power to change it in such a way as to avoid undesirable consequences.

Dreams of the twenty-eighth lunar day will help you find peace and good mood. With the right behavior, you can keep them for a long time, and this will have the most positive effect on your entire future life. Through dreams on the twenty-eighth lunar day, the subconscious sometimes shows us the hidden side of our psyche, which is connected with feelings and emotions. Remember, that you do not dream, everything in one way or another will be connected with what each of us wants — with love. Therefore, you should not have difficulties in interpreting these symbols. Take advantage of the positive energy of the twenty-eighth lunar day to complete the lunar cycle that has come to an end as comfortably as possible.

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