Dreams on 29 Lunar Day

The twenty-ninth lunar day is too close to the critical point of the entire lunar cycle — the new moon, therefore it is so saturated energetically. And the energy of this lunar day is quite heavy and unstable, so it is so important to be able to manage it. You will feel the dark sides of your personality, your soul, and the bright ones rise in you. It will be very difficult to manage your own emotions and feelings today, so get ready for quarrels, conflicts, scandals and hysterics on this day. Because of this instability, people often can not assess the situation correctly, as a result of which they wander in a world of deceptions and their own illusions.

In the first half of the day, when the energy shows itself not yet in full force, it will be easier and easier to cope with black thoughts and a surge of emotions. If you manage not to lose your vigilance, then in the second half of the day you will be able to maintain this balance between your positive and negative qualities. Constantly be on the alert, control every emotion, every word and even more so — actions. Be attentive to everything that happens around you: do not let yourself be provoked and enticed into dubious activities. Remain extremely calm in any situation — only this can save you from reckless decisions. In any case, the twenty-ninth lunar day requires constant mental tension, so that in the evening you can feel completely broken and tired.

To spend this day with maximum benefit, try to focus on your own inner world. Practice spiritual practice, asceticism, meditation, prayer — everything that leads to self-analysis and inner peace. The purpose of these classes today is to understand all the responsibility for the actions you are doing in your life.

The twenty-ninth lunar day is considered final in the entire lunar cycle, which has come to an end and requires summing up. He shows you how you lived this period and chose the right path for the movement. If the day requires incredible strength and will be on the verge of failure, you should pay attention to the passed stage: perhaps you made too many mistakes and at some points were completely wrong. It’s time to look back and take stock in order not to step on the same rake from now on.

It is necessary to try that day not to give vent to such feelings as quick temper, pride, resentment, anger, intolerance. All of them will today lead to such grandiose scandals that will last a very long time. So today try to forgive even the most bitter grievances, distribute the accumulated debts, avoid useless and vain links and even sacrifice one’s own interests for the sake of others. Listen to your intuition: on this day, as a rule, it will prompt correct decisions that will help to avoid unpleasant moments or sharp angles.

Signs of the twenty-ninth lunar day say that bone jewelry today can bring damage, so they better not wear it today. To get rid of the negative energy of today, it is recommended to take a cool shower before going to bed: it will ease your condition.

Dreams Interpretation on Twenty-Ninth Lunar Day

The twenty-ninth lunar day is a terrible day for the interpretation of dreams, as a rule, they do not come true. The dreams of the twenty-ninth lunar day are of a rather negative nature, like the whole day: they are heavy and often very unpleasant. If you can and must control the flow of your consciousness, feelings and emotions during the day, you can not do it in a dream. It is in such cases that they say: "Wake up in a cold sweat." Often everything seen in this dream — no more than the game of our subconscious. These images are associated with the "dark" side of our personality, of which we ourselves know little. Through them, the subconscious is trying to reach us and turn our attention to some important personality trait, which urgently needs to change.

Therefore, do not be afraid of anything that you dream, but try to accurately and fully remember all the pictures seen. And the images in your dreams will not be a direct indication: they will need to be explained correctly. Work out those problems that you will be able to identify through these images, do not dismiss them and do not expect that they will resolve themselves. It will not happen, and the tension within you will only increase. As a result, a small complexity, which you prefer not to notice, can turn into a real problem in the near future. Only on you will depend on how your twenty-ninth lunar day will pass: know how to control your emotions — and the heavy energy of this day will bypass you.

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