Dreams on 3 Lunar Day

The third lunar day is the strongest of all the lunar days in its energy, which permeates all spheres of life. From the very morning, waking up, a person feels a cheerfulness and a charge of energy, which is very important to direct that day in the right direction, to ask him the right direction, otherwise the awakened energy will burn you. How to do it? First, you need to devote yourself entirely to the work: on this day you can disassemble and remake the cases that have accumulated over several weeks and hang dead weight on your conscience. Secondly, one must be able to contain in oneself flashes of negative energy.

Such emotional outbursts can lead to completely unreasonable aggression, hatred, anger, cruelty, an incomprehensible irritation against everyone around. Emotions so overwhelm the mind that not everyone is able to calm down the raging beast in oneself. If you release this evil spirit, you can seriously damage the fate of yourself and your family: it is on the third lunar day that there are often serious quarrels, conflicts, scandals, fights. All this can be curbed in yourself by willpower, training it just on such outbreaks: you can switch your thoughts to something positive, pull yourself together and not inflame passions. On this day it will be very useful to train yourself in such qualities as self-control, awareness, concentration, peace of mind, attention.

Even the symbol of this lunar day was a predator โ€” a leopard or cheetah, which is always ready to jump. And only the person will depend on the purpose of this jump: to tear the victim to pieces or to restrain his animal impulse, transforming it into something more noble and useful. The third lunar day is extremely unfortunate for passive people and lazy people. Activity in everything is its direction. The third lunar day has a special sign: it is believed that if someone poured oil on that day, he lost his way in life, lost his way, lost the goal and is in a foggy state, from which itโ€™s time to get out.

Dreams Interpretation on Third Lunar Day

Do not be surprised if dreams on the third lunar day are very expressive and memorable. You may have nightmares, or you can see something very pleasant today in a dream. But neither in the first, nor in the second case it is not necessary to go in cycles in the seen pictures, as dreams of the third lunar day do not come true. They show your energy potential, and can prompt you in which direction you need to move in order to be successful. Very often in the dreams of this lunar day a vital task for man is being solved. For example, if a dream is heavy, oppressive and leaves unpleasant sensations, it shows how difficult the situation you are in is. If the dream is easy, then with the task in hand you are still managing perfectly, so do not worry.

If you feel that you are not able to solve the task set before you, if you feel doubts and indecision, get busy with your energy level and vitality. For this, there are physical exercises, spiritual practices, meditation, yoga and other ways. They will not only direct the energy of the third lunar day in the right direction, but they can also prompt the right decision in your situation. Only after some time a person can assess the impact of the energy of this day: a negative direction destroys the relationship, and properly organized will reward excellent results.

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