Dreams on 30 Lunar Day

A feature of the thirtieth lunar day is its short duration: it can last several hours or even minutes. Moreover, it may not be in the lunar cycle at all. But if he does, itโ€™s a good sign. The day is so harmonious and bright that a good mood and perfect well-being are guaranteed to everyone. And the joy is not outwardly: you will simply intuitively feel the light and positive energy of this day and succumb to it.

The thirtieth lunar day is as close as possible to the critical moment of the lunar cycle (new moon), but, unlike the previous day, releases only positive energy to the earth. Do not lose sight of this fact in order to enjoy the moment and use it for your own good. You will feel that in you there is today neither hatred nor irritation, that everything is arguing in your hands, everything is working out. This will be the thirtieth lunar day.

How can you use this unusual day for yourself? In order not to turn his positive into routine and routine, not to spoil the mood neither to himself, nor to others, one must radiate warmth and light himself. Eliminate any dark and sad thoughts, discard your plans for revenge and hatred. No fuss or aggression on this day should not be. No need to show initiative and somewhere to strive, hurry, be late: just contemplate, love, repent and show only the best aspects of your nature. Do good this day โ€” it will return to you a hundredfold in the very near future. Forgive even your sworn enemies and the most bitter grievances, give back your debts, engage in charity, charity and donations.

Another feature of the thirtieth lunar day should be taken into account: on this day it is very useful to summarize the results of the past month, draw conclusions, correct errors, take into account your own mistakes. This will help to enter the new lunar cycle cleaned and refreshed. Barking a dog that you heard on this day will be a warning sign: you should pay attention to your own actions, which, most likely, were not dictated by the best motives. But jewelry work, stones and talismans today will bring significant benefits.

Dreams Interpretation on Thirtieth Lunar Day

On the thirtieth lunar day, dreams are rarely prophetic. But they can carry a lot of useful information, revealing the veil and showing the individual hidden corners of our subconscious. As a rule, these are some episodes from our past that have a big impact on our current psycho-emotional state. It is logical that the thirtieth lunar day will present you with light, happy, happy dreams. They will allow you to gain strength, relax, and draw positive energy. However, do not be too frivolous to relate to the dreams of this day, because they carry in themselves certain signs, which also need to be able to explain. They will carry in themselves information about the outcome of the lunar month.

With the correct interpretation, you can find out exactly where you made a mistake and whether it can be fixed, in which case you compromised with your own conscience and what consequences this had for you personally and for the surrounding people. The images of such dreams are nothing else but pointers, "beacons", characterizing our personality and pointing to some important moments of our character, to which attention should be paid. However, do not dwell on this: all lessons learned from the dreamed images will be very useful to you in the future. This will allow the next lunar month to live with minimal losses. No day can be compared to the thirtieth lunar days in such a positive energy. Be sure to use this yourself for good and enter the new lunar cycle with a purified soul and light thoughts.

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