Dreams on 4 Lunar Day

With the onset of the fourth lunar day, many for unexplained reasons lose peace, sleep and appetite: apparently nothing happens, but inside the person growing alarm. This is due to the duality of this day: the moon forces a person to make a serious choice between light good and dark evil.

First, on this day many people have to take very serious, sometimes even fateful decisions that require responsibility. And many decisions will represent a painful choice between conscience and personal gain. Few can on this day go the road of truth and justice.

Secondly, the past comes to life in the memory of a person. But this is not a bright past with pleasant memories, but all those actions that were committed wrongly and which are an unpleasant stain on conscience. They will again torment the person and not give him rest. What can we do to escape this battle of good and evil?

It is recommended not to run away from your own thoughts and not postpone decisions for "later", but as it is necessary to think carefully and not to succumb to temptations. Remember the good old tales from your childhood: the one who chooses the path of good, will necessarily be rewarded. This is a day of self-improvement: one who understands his past mistakes, can change life for the better.

Prepare yourself for the fact that on the fourth lunar day all the truth will be revealed. This can apply to any areas of your life: work, family, friends. And remember that the truth is not always pleasant to know if it is bitter. Namely, this truth is filled with the fourth lunar day. Learning it, you do not need to panic or despair: take note of the information that has opened to you on this day, and try to fix something in your life, turn to a more correct path.

Since this is an information day, he fills all words with a special meaning and extraordinary strength. So if you allow yourself not to fulfill the promise given on this day, it will only turn against you. Watch your words on the fourth lunar day, fill them with a good sense. It is very good to pray or sing mantras on this day. No wonder that in antiquity on this day all sang hymns.

Since the fourth lunar day passes under the sign of Taurus, a symbol of the earth element, it would be nice today to be closer to nature: to go out of town, to take care of the garden, just to be outdoors. There is a sign: if on this day someone finds a lump of tangled hair or tangled threads, in the future will face such problems that are very difficult to solve. But with needlework, when the threads are untangled and spun, it is very useful to do it.

Dreams Interpretation on Fourth Lunar Day

Dreams that a person sees on this day are of an informational nature, therefore they are very often considered prophetic. But prophetic not in the sense that they will soon come true, but that, if properly interpreted, they can point the person the right way. Try to remember and listen to what you see in the dream. The images that will appear to you during this period are some kind of signal points, pointers to those moments and situations in which you can "pierce", do something wrong, make a "fall". Correctly interpreting your dreams, you will be able to clearly identify for yourself the situations in which you need to be as cautious and act rationally and consciously.

Such dreams are as ambivalent as the whole day: if they are misinterpreted, a person can wish to take the desired for the reality and make the wrong decision, which will lead him into the wilds deeper, confuse and knock him out of the way. So if you are sure that your dream means something, ask for help in explaining it to a specialist who will help to understand it correctly and use this knowledge for your benefit. It is believed that if this day is a dream of parents or relatives, this is a direct indication that your family relationship has reached a dead end and require your intervention.

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