Dreams on 7 Day of Month

This day is different in that practically all the dreams of this day bear positive signs. On this day — you can learn from the plot of the dream of a great many pleasant things from recovery after a serious illness to the fulfillment of the cherished dream. In some dreams of the seventh calendar day — you can find tips that will help you to follow the right path to material prosperity or simply to receive a significant income in money. If the dream promises to deceive you or take part in intrigues, then do not tell anyone about its contents.

In some cases, dreams of this day - can warn about future failures and disappointments. It is necessary to pay attention to dreams in which unpleasant events are happening for a sleeper, however they should not be understood directly, since they bear, as a rule, a symbolic meaning. In addition, the dreams of the seventh calendar day - have one thing in common, it consists in the fact that these dreams are primarily associated with the discovery of something radically new, including obtaining councils that urge to action from their own subconscious.

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