Dreams on 7 Lunar Day

This day is the energy peak, the highest point of development, evolution and self-improvement. If you concentrate, you can feel an unprecedented rise of all your spiritual and physical strength. And now the main thing is to implement them wisely, to direct all energy to create a foundation, the foundation that you can feel under your feet in the most difficult moments. It’s time to implement a good project, a long-planned business, which previously simply lacked strength and determination.

The symbol of the seventh lunar day is a rod that indicates to you the right direction. The staff in antiquity was the symbol of the very evolution at the peak of which a person is on this day. Today the word will have a special power. So be prepared to carefully monitor your language: if what you say is filled with anger, hatred, envy and other negative emotions and feelings, all this will return to you. Nothing to promise on this day, no one needs, even if this own word seems stone and indestructible.

Circumstances can work against you, you do not fulfill the promise and will suffer from it yourself. And on the contrary: any kind word from your lips will turn out for you only good results. It is necessary to listen carefully and to the words of others: on this day they will certainly be told not just so, but have some deep, special meaning. Listen, analyze, draw appropriate conclusions. And do not forget that the strongest word is prayer, which today will be heard, will bring relief and pacification. Chants, mantras, everything will be filled with positive energy only.

Work with the word on the seventh lunar day: you can write poetry, write something, even do your own diary. Language exercises will be very successful today. All documents written on this day will be important to you.

The energy of this day will enthrall you and even provoke adventures and adventures. The power of the word, for its part, will awaken in you a great desire for communication. Nothing wrong with that. If adventures are fun, but peaceful, and communication is kind and open, it will only feed you with extra energy. You can sit in solitude, devoting your free time to your spiritual self-improvement. A bad sign of this day is broken dishes.

Dreams Interpretation on Seventh Lunar Day

Often on the seventh lunar day we dream of prophetic dreams. Moreover, their distinctive feature is that all images and subjects are extremely clear, without double interpretation and do not require complex interpretation. Therefore, today it is recommended to interpret not what you see in a dream, but what you hear. Listen carefully and remember any words in the dream: perhaps it will direct you in the right direction or warn about anything. It often happens that in real life in a very short time you will hear the same thing. This can shock and surprise, but in fact in such coincidences there is nothing unusual.

In a dream, you can come to an understanding of your true destiny, what you really have to do in life. It becomes clear what its meaning is exactly for you. Bad sleep is considered on this day a cock that will signify failure in important things for you. By sending the energy of the seventh lunar day to self-improvement, one can get very good results in the very near future.

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