Dreams on 8 Day of Month

This day is characterized primarily by prophetic dreams. Particular attention should be paid to those dreams — which are full of memorable stories and symbols. If something frightening happens in a dream, this is not necessarily a sign of negative change, such dreams carry a warning that something will happen soon that will generate a strong surge of emotions. Dreams of the eighth day — can bear the reflection of how much a dreamer is protected and provided with support.

It is necessary to treat attentively to those symbols of sleep — which carry a negative content, since on this day their meaning is very strong, besides, the list of those symbols that can appear in the plot of sleep on this day is much wider than usual. This is a warning that the coming merriment will result in bad consequences. Also, dreams of the eighth day — quite often their content express the material welfare of the dreamer, as well as his stability in the long run.

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