Dreams on 8 Lunar Day

Transition is always a transformation and a corresponding change that will occur today in all spheres (work, love, friendship) and at all levels (physical, spiritual, energetic). This variability, duality and metamorphosis in all make the eighth lunar day a completely unstable day, when all the views and grounds that a person lived before change. Many seem to be born anew and begin to think differently, to look at the world.

It is not necessary to meet the changes of the eighth lunar day painfully, and even more so — to give them a rebuff. Take everything as it is, without interfering in this process of transformation: this is the only way for you to turn to a constructive, beneficial side. Later, you will see that you changed views and new relationships are better and more correct than they were before. Refusal of former habits, in many ways pernicious, will also benefit you. You will be purified through this rebirth.

Of course, emotionally it will be very difficult to maintain self-control, as it will seem that everything around is collapsing, and the soil is running out from under your feet. The volatility of the eighth lunar day will affect the crazy mood swings, when uncontrollable laughter turns into hysterical sobbing. So far not all pass dignifiedly through the trials of this day: only the strongest of the spirit can take themselves in hand and preserve wisdom, calmness and discretion.

What advice can I give on this day? Be prepared from the very morning to various kinds of provocations, which in no way succumb to. No need to be nervous, irritated, get into quarrels and conflicts. It is better to tune in to the positive and carry it through the day.

The symbol of the eighth lunar day is the mythical bird Phoenix, which represents a rebirth from the ashes. Even if a person today seems to have broken and shattered everything, this is not so: through all these metamorphoses one can become a completely new person, be reborn. Phoenix is associated with the element of the eighth lunar day — fire, because it is reborn from the ashes, pre-burning. Therefore, it becomes quite understandable the desire of many people on this day to warm themselves by the fire. Do not deny yourself this: light candles, sit by the fireplace, go to nature for kebabs — everything that will be associated with fire on this day, will have a beneficial effect on your spiritual organization. After all, fire is purification, it burns everything bad in its insatiable hell. Those who have felt this year’s craving for this element are on the right path: their soul yearns for this purification. It is advisable not to fall into a riot and be extremely careful: the fire loves a considerate and respectful attitude towards itself.

Promoting your own rebirth and purification, it would be nice to ask on this day of forgiveness from all those whom you once offended. In addition, and you yourself release that day all the grievances, be ready for forgiveness. Meditation and prayer will also bring relief and tune in the right way, help maintain self-control. Useful will be in the eighth lunar day of music, poetry, drawing — all that you can open up and self-actualize. It is believed that on this day those who are on the wrong path may get a stomach ache, ears burn or an unexpected chill occur.

Dreams Interpretation on Eighth Lunar Day

On the eighth lunar day often dreams of prophetic dreams. It is important to remember your dream on this day, because in it you can see a lot of important things for you. The interpretation of the dreams in the eighth lunar day is influenced by the symbols of this day: the phoenix bird and the treasure chest. After all, they try to hide their identity from the person and protect their secrets secretly, so be prepared for the fact that dreams of this day will not be explained very easily. Today’s dreams are a real revelation: they discover what lies deep in the human subconscious. You will be able to catch the thread of the correct interpretation — you can understand what is happening in your life and where you need to move on, what and where adjustments are needed.

Often dreams of the eighth lunar day indicate those desires that were not fulfilled, plans that were not realized. If you felt freedom and ease, then you are now on the right track. If, after awakening, you have a feeling of heaviness, stiffness, you experience an oppressed state, then it is worth considering: in your life there is clearly a need for great changes. So maybe it’s time to correct the mistakes of the past. The eighth lunar day is a time of transformation, change and rebirth, when the world opens up to the man in a new way. Be ready for painful, but necessary transformations, do not resist them.

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