Dreams on 9 Day of Month

This day is in some way special. Its difference is that you can see a great variety of subjects in the dreams of this day, but they will in no way be directly related to you. Dreams of the ninth day — indicate what events can occur in the lives of people close to the dreamer. If you did not dream of an interesting, boring dream, it does not mean anything, and if the story was expressive and vivid, soon you will have success in society and at work.

In general, the vast majority of esoterics hold the view that the ninth day is best spent keeping awake most of the time, because the dreams of this day are mostly empty and are rarely remembered by the sleeper. Similarly, the ninth day dreams — can reflect in their content all sorts of social relations, the dreamer’s closeness to his environment. But such instructions are never directly expressed, but rather carefully veiled by the symbolism of sleep.

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