Dreams on 9 Lunar Day

The ninth lunar day is complicated by the fact that a person is still experiencing those transformations that happened to him the day before. It is difficult to reconcile yourself to the new state of things and your new views. Doubts make anyone vulnerable on this day, so itโ€™s recommended to be extremely attentive and accurate with untested connections and ill-wishers that can strike at the most painful and unprotected place. Not accustomed to the new situation, you can easily believe in deception, get into the network of illusions. These errors later in the most negative way can affect the career of a deceived person, and his health, and even in his personal life. The outside world today will attack with bad news, various temptations and not the most positive emotions.

Annoyed at all the unrest on the slightest occasion, you can prove yourself on this day is not from the best side. If you pre-set yourself today to the bar of failure, the day will be like that. Just be on your guard, control emotions and do not allow bad thoughts: this is the only way to escape the negativity of the ninth lunar day. A careful, detailed analysis of everything that will happen today will help to protect yourself from hostile energy and avoid wrong decisions.

If all the same did not manage to avoid trouble, despair and anger are bad fellow travelers. Accept all that happened as calmly as possible, remembering that there are no desperate situations. Any mistake is an invaluable experience that will serve you well in the future. Be sure to correct the negative that happened: this will show you the best part of yourself.

The remedy for all these experiences and stresses can become solitude, as far as possible. To be engaged in the spiritual growth, self-improvement will be useful on the ninth lunar day: it will not allow you to commit rash actions, which you will regret for a long time. Think about the past, about the mistakes you made, and about what can be corrected, how to find a brighter road and avoid difficulties. Unbelievable relief on this day will bring prayer and meditation. Fasting and other types of abstinence will lead to self-purification, which, perhaps, your soul and body longed for.

The symbols of today (bat and bat) are representatives of evil spirits who can ruin a deception, plunge the soul into the abyss of doubt. The second symbol, the Milky Way, is undoubtedly higher than the first, but not much simpler: it is a symbol of a fog, in which it is easy to get lost and choose the wrong road.

Part of the body of the ninth lunar day is the chest. Therefore, if you have pain and burning sensation in your chest, this means that in your life there are unrealized, but vital plans that are time to implement. Bad signs of the ninth lunar day are a broken or cracked mirror, as well as spilled milk. However, if you blossom on this day cactus, there is nothing better: this is a good omen, which promises you success in the near future in some very important undertaking.

Dreams Interpretation on Ninth Lunar Day

Negative energy of the ninth lunar day penetrates into our dreams. As a rule, a person on this day is tormented with nightmares, unpleasant and heavy dreams, awakening after which, you feel happy that it was just a dream. Of course, they want to be forgotten and discarded immediately, but the dreams of these lunar days, with the correct interpretation, will tell you what problems in your life require your prompt decision. The images seen in the dream during this period, rather, show your inner world and in a hyperbolized form reflect some personal deep conflict hidden at the subconscious level.

Each person has troubles, from which it is easier to brush off, run away, close their eyes, because the solution to these problems is often due to our own shortcomings and serious blunders. The dreams of the ninth lunar day indicate exactly such nodal moments, which can not already be bypassed, otherwise they will be tightened with a noose around your neck. If you properly explain the dream and decide to still cut this Gordian knot, your energy background, which has been disturbed for so much time and is vulnerable, will finally equalize. This will bring you emotional rest, and physically you will feel much better. The ninth lunar day is one of the most difficult in the lunar cycle, but its negative energy can be turned to good use.

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