Dreams in April

April is the second month of spring, its name is associated with the goddess Venus. It was believed that it was during this period that the real awakening of nature begins. The air, filled with the scents of flowering, stirs the imagination, awakens sensuality. April energy is the energy of creation, but too active activity can lead to rapid fatigue and irritability. April dreams reflect the emotional mood of a person. In this period, the most pronounced is the propensity for dreams and fantasies. Colorful nightly dreams, filled with fantastic events, indicate a thirst for new sensations, a desire to change life for the better.

The first decade lasts from March 31 to April 9, is under the reign of the fiery zodiac sign — Aries ♈, the sub-ruler planet is the Sun ☉. For this period, bursts of activity are characteristic, people show perseverance and perseverance in solving the most insignificant issues. Any actions have serious consequences, the result can be too deplorable, you need to carefully consider each step. The emotional state deserves special attention, dreams in the first decade of April signal internal stress and discomfort. Night dreams accurately indicate the existing life problems, it is only necessary to correctly correlate the content of sleep with reality. You can use hints and arrange your life in the most favorable way. It is better to forget unpleasant visions, it’s not necessary to attach importance to them, it’s just a hint, and not a direct guide to action.

The second decade of the month falls on the period from 10 to 20 April, the planet-ruler of Aries — Mars ♂, the sub-ruler planet is Jupiter ♃. It is possible that in this period will have to travel a lot. A person can be carried away by an endless stream of affairs, which require utmost concentration and responsibility. The dreams of the second decade of April are a rehearsal for future events, they can be compared to a cheat sheet designed to help out on an important exam. Do not brush aside the night visions, perhaps they promise a speedy prosperity and prosperity. So, you need to put more effort and move to your goal. If the dream left an unpleasant residue, you will have to wait with decisive action, there is a huge risk of failing.

The third decade of the month is the period from 21 to 30 April, under the reign of the Taurus ♉ earthly sign, the ruler planet Venus ♀. There can be an inexplicable desire to postpone important matters and plunge into the world of fantasies, romantic dreams. People can perform uncharacteristic acts for themselves, anticipating rapid changes in life. Dreams in the third decade of April reflect the emotional-sensory state of a person, his hopes and desires. It is worth to listen to your own feelings, intuition will tell how realistic is the embodiment of night dreams. April dreams, filled with pleasant events, tend to come true.

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