Dreams with the Moon in Aquarius

Aquarius — a sign of innovation and invention — shows pictures of the future. If you are tired of the monotony of life and want something new, pay attention to the dreams seen during the passage of the Moon on the sign of Aquarius. Scientist-inventor, and any of us at this time can see the machine of the future, a new, original solution to the old problem. Aquarius unites people by interests, and in dreams of this sign contains information about the fascination of man, about friends-like-minded people. Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius, manages and astrology, so new astrological knowledge can come to astrologers through the dreams of this sign.

☽ Moon in Aquarius ♒

The time when the Moon enters the zodiac sign of Aquarius, is suitable for informal communication with those who are close to you in spirit. Invite your friends or colleagues to visit some cultural event or go all together for an interesting training or lecture. Do not forget to give due attention to your second half. Now it is good to present our ideas and developments to the public.

The movement of the Moon now does not facilitate visits to any instances. Also, during this period you need to be more careful when handling electrical appliances, and remember that the knee joints are especially vulnerable now. In any situation at this time it is important to keep the Olympic calm, do not succumb to provocations and do not act as a provocateur, be afraid of arguing with stronger opponents.

To bad dream did not come true

Disadvantages of Aquarius can be called frequent mood swings and chaos in thoughts and feelings. If you have seen a bad dream under this sign, gather your thoughts, try to restore order within yourself, put your thoughts to the shelves, sort out your feelings and control your mood. Aquarius is a sign of innovation. But, maybe, you are afraid of the new? To the bad dream of this sign did not come true, inspire yourself interest in all sorts of innovations, try to look for new things in situations and situations that are well-known to you.

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