Dreams with the Moon in Aries

When the Moon is in the sign of Aries, dreams of everything related to this sign are dreaming: of bright personalities, of celebrities, of the uniqueness of your own self, of your personal intentions, plans, goals. Aries is a pioneer, so you can see under this sign what will help you become famous, leader, first. The position of the Moon in the zodiac circle indicates the sphere of life to which the dream relates, and the sphere in which it will come true. All that you see in a dream during the Moon’s stay in the sign of Aries, highlights the most vivid qualities of your personality and the way of action that can make you noticeable, famous, or points to a case in which you can be better than others. Aries, although considered a sign of aggression and war because of the militant Mars, who controls it, remains a sign of purity, since Aries is the first in the zodiacal circle. All that you see during the Moon’s stay in Aries will reveal the secret of your purity and indicate how you will achieve it: what to do, how to behave, to feel yourself clean and to be natural, to remain yourself.

☽ Moon in Aries ♈

When the moon enters the sign of the zodiac Aries, it is best to tackle issues that can be solved quickly enough, but with considerable effort. During this period, all free time should be devoted to the measure of active outdoor recreation, go in for sports, but do not be zealous, as the probability of various injuries is high.

The moon in the zodiac sign Aries does not accept the fuss and some taken at random decisions, thus risking a heap of firewood. At this time, all the issues can be solved quickly, although without some effort here is indispensable. On such days you need to protect yourself from unwanted communication, and with regard to people who are pleasant to you, it is worth to show maximum tolerance, all this will help you avoid conflict situations that can arise literally from scratch. Also, this time promotes intimacy, and unplanned in the most unusual situation.

To bad dream did not come true

The main defect of Aries can be called egocentrism, and if you saw a dream with a prophecy of bad events while the Moon is in Aries, analyze what your egocentrism is. It is not necessary to immediately become generous and start distributing your things. Do psychological work on yourself, take your mind off your ego in order to avoid bad events that could be predicted by a dream.

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