Dreams in August

August is the last month of summer, the time of harvest. A month of active activity, great achievements. At the same time, there is no, and there can be no guarantee of successful completion of all conceived cases. August enters his rights aggressively, aggressively sweeping aside the naive immediacy of July energy. August dreams are filled with emotions: thoughts that cause trouble in the daytime, find a way out in the night visions. There is no doubt that bad dreams will come true. Dreams contain information about the difficulties that will soon arise on the way. Pleasant August dreams show that the plans will be implemented, but considerable efforts will be required, financial expenses are possible.

The first decade of the month — the period from August 2 to 12, under the rule of the fiery sign of Leo ♌, the sub-ruler planet is Jupiter ♃. Time to confirm your position, to take a firm position in society. Dreams in the first decade of August are called to mobilize forces solving important issues. Do not waste time on finding out the relationship, it’s better to forget all your grievances. Dreams about a lavish feast in the circle of many people should be reflected in reality. It’s time to establish contacts, make the right acquaintances. Negative night visions contain a warning: do not think that things will go too smoothly. Possible unpleasant events, which are better to prepare in advance.

The second decade of the month lasts from 13 to 23 August, the planet-ruler of the Sun ☉, the sub-ruler planet is Mars ♂. A period favorable for creative endeavors, dreams in the second decade of August beckon and entail. Call not to limit oneself in dreams and desires, boldly move forward. Pleasant night vision will come true. The only obstacle to the fulfillment of the plan is indecision. Do not attach much importance to negative dreams, they just warn. It is necessary to have patience, to be attentive to the mood of the environment, especially to new acquaintances. Personal relationships play a big role, dreams can tell how close people are favorably disposed.

The third decade of the month is the period from August 24 to September 3, which is under the reign of the Earth’s sign Virgo ♍, the ruler planet is Mercury ☿. Time to do urgent business. Dreams in the third decade of the month can have the most fantastic plot, but this does not mean that they will find an embodiment in reality. It is important to be able to distinguish in them an important thought, a clue to follow. Dreams about trips, new acquaintances promise changes in life, not necessarily soon and not always pleasant. Do not worry much about the unpleasant dreams seen in the third decade of the month. Perhaps, it will not be superfluous to devote a little time to rest, the energy of the last summer month can be useful in the near future, it will help to overcome obstacles. The best decision: a reasonable alternation of rest and activity.

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