Dreams with the Moon in Cancer

The Moon entered Cancer — wait for dreams about family, relatives and home. Perhaps you will not see the faces of your loved ones in your dream, your house, but, whatever dreams it was during the stay of the Moon in the sign of home comfort and family relations, in Cancer, all this is related to the theme of the house. Cancer dreams show the true emotional atmosphere of your home, relationships between relatives, the future of your family, possible changes in this area. Cancer unites relatives not only of blood, but also spiritual, brings comfort to the home environment, and to any other. Therefore, Cancer’s dreams can be deciphered, linking them not only with blood relatives, but also with people very close to you in spirit, as well as with a place that you consider your homeland or second home (for many the second home is a place of work, and spiritual relatives — colleagues and friends).

☽ Moon in Cancer ♋

In the period when the Moon is located in the Cancer zodiac sign, water is especially favorable for all living things. Therefore, this time it is desirable to conduct closer to the reservoirs, take water procedures or even make a sea or river cruise. Also, this time contributes to the arrangement of the home and the establishment of relationships within the family. Now it is necessary to go to the market for tasty and healthy food, to procure food for future use.

At this time, water is especially favorable for people and all living things. When the movement of the Moon along the zodiacal circle occurs along the sector of Cancer, it is important to maintain mental balance, act according to the mind’s command, not guided by any fleeting emotions. Try to limit communication with those you do not know well, especially avoid conflicts. Your excessive emotionality during this period can scare you off from others.

To bad dream did not come true

Cancer is a sign of kindness, of spiritual sensitivity. But he can also be too emotional, painfully sensitive, and from this nervous and touchy. Cancer lives by the soul, it feels the world, but sensitivity sometimes entails emotional dependence. Sleeping in the Moon in Cancer could portend to you trouble precisely because you became nervous, too close to your heart to take criticism and comments. Analyze your life, your inner state — you strongly depend on someone. Maybe you depend on someone’s opinion or are very attached to a person. A bad prophecy of Cancer’s dreams does not come true if you try to become more self-sufficient, forget about grievances, become more reasonable in your attitude towards people and things.

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