Dreams by Days of Month

Dreams that are filled with a special meaning and are considered prophetic can be seen on certain dates of the month. And every day has its value. Prophetic dreams are dreams that predict what will happen a little later in reality: prophetic dreams are called, events of which later occur in reality. Of course, not every dream is prophetic: sometimes some events, places or people dream simply because the person is too "fixated" on some problem: for example, nightmares, dreams in which someone is following you Chasing — an indirect sign that you are tormented by a problem or an unpleasant situation.

There are also reverse cases: the appearance in your dream of a lover does not mean that the dream prophetic — the "carried away" subconscious includes in your dream the image of the person closest to the moment, simply because you are experiencing a strong feeling for him in reality. Real prophetic dreams are far from dreaming of all people — as a rule, the ability to see dreams that later come true in fact, directly or indirectly predict future events, are people with some predisposition to clairvoyance.

Interpretation of Dreams by Day of Month

The quality of sleep also depends on the day of the month when he dreamed. Examine the list of calendar numbers to find the day when you dreamed a particularly bright dream. You immediately understand whether he should be trusted or not.

1 Day of Month: Dreams of the first day of the month prophetic. These dreams are mostly favorable. If you had a bad dream, it means that you may have problems in the family circle. You have to be prepared to solve these problems.

2 Day of Month: Dreams of this day are, as a rule, rarely prophetic. However, the content in most cases indicates a future change that could have a significant impact on the future of the sleeper in the long run. Also, dreams of the second day can promise to receive news that can change the vision of the current situation and behavior in general.

3 Day of Month: Astrologers agree that these dreams have a property to come true, but dreams of this can come true either very quickly or after a long time.

4 Day of Month: Dreams of the fourth day of the month are warning, they can tell you about the upcoming troubles that will soon occur. You need to analyze this dream to try to correct your mistakes.

5 Day of Month: These dreams very often come true, and are usually very accurate. The information that comes to you in a dream is, in fact, true, you do not need to search for any transcripts.

6 Day of Month: On this day people often see positive dreams that are embodied very quickly. If you have a dream in which you have trouble, you can influence their outcome, since such dreams will be performed in a very long period of time.

7 Day of Month: Such a dream promises you a deception from which you will make hasty conclusions. Do not tell anyone the dream that you dreamed on the 7th.

8 Day of Month: Had a positive dream, wait for the fulfillment of desires, and interesting moments in life. If the dream is negative, the impending fun will result in bad consequences.

9 Day of Month: If you dreamed not an interesting, boring dream, it does not mean anything, and if the dream was expressive and vivid, soon you will have success in society and at work.

10 Day of Month: Dreams of this day have the property of quickly coming true, within two weeks. Dreams of the 10th number symbolizes the upcoming difficulties and adversities.

11 Day of Month: If within three days the dream is not fulfilled, then there is no sense in waiting, it will not be fulfilled.

12 Day of Month: The dream of this day does not come true, but on this day it is more likely that you will dream a dreamlike and unreal dream in a positive way.

13 Day of Month: Dream, the dream of the 13th is connected with love and joy. He predicts good luck on the love front, and maybe soon you will go on a journey. As it is possible, you will meet your soul mate.

14 Day of Month: Dreams of this day are likely to come true, and predict good. Sleep, which has become not very pleasant for you, portends troubles either in work, or in personal life, or in the domestic sphere.

15 Day of Month: The dreams of this day are significant, no matter how literally or symbolically their content. In most cases, their images bear a positive message, which is designed to induce the dreamer to take decisive actions.

16 Day of Month: Dreams of today are coming true very quickly and accurately, but they need to be decoded correctly.

17 Day of Month: This is a very good dream, predicting success to you in any area of your life. Within twenty days this dream will come true.

18 Day of Month: Dreams do not come true in full measure, but by their nature these are very good and good dreams. If you had a dream related to cash, wait for a big profit, new acquisitions.

19 Day of Month: Sleep on this day is associated with troubles in the family circle, be careful in statements. If you want, you can correct the situation by changing relationships with those close to the best, because dreams come true in a very long time.

20 Day of Month: Dreams are true, often performed, but it is preferable not to talk about them until execution. If you tell anyone, then the dream is most likely not to come true.

21 Day of Month: The dream that was dreamed on this day is very truthful and reliable, it reflects your aspirations at this stage of life, if the dream was pleasant to you, you will soon be able to accomplish everything that is planned for you.

22 Day of Month: If you experience fear and trouble, you can not worry about them, for only dreams, good work at work, in a career or in public life, will come true.

23 Day of Month: Dreams of this day almost always come true, but these dreams tell about future troubles. Of course, not exactly what you dreamed will come true, but in the context that you saw it in a dream, there will be minor problems and troubles.

24 Day of Month: Dreams symbolizing joy are fulfilled quickly. The rest of the visions bear a warning and can be expressed in many different ways, sometimes they are extremely veiled and you can understand the dream in no way in the manner in which it expresses the subconscious of the sleeper.

25 Day of Month: The dream of this day you better forget, perhaps it carries a small part of the truth, but it is very difficult to correctly interpret it, you can get confused and mistaken.

26 Day of Month: The dream bears in itself good and joy. The dream of this day is fulfilled quickly. The meaning of sleep - you will achieve success, get vivid emotions from entertainment.

27 Day of Month: Dreams on this day dream in the context of small events, these dreams come true quickly, but no special events and incidents in the near future, he does not carry.

28 Day of Month: The dream that is dreamed this day will not come true, but in fact it is not empty, what you dreamed about affects your past this day, this is processing and reevaluating what has already happened to you. This dream does not retell and does not affect your future.

29 Day of Month: The dream of this day is meaningless and does not carry any information in itself. Most often these dreams are not realistic in nature.

30 Day of Month: Divorced from reality dreams. Dream of any achievement or victory, means that most likely you will not be able to fulfill one of your most cherished desires. All the rest, not related to desires, forget (meaning in itself such a dream does not carry).

31 Day of Month: A very good dream, perhaps in a dream you will see fresh ideas that will later help you earn a lot of money. The dream is more favorable from the side of finance and profit, but it will come true only if you correctly explain it.

What are the prophetic dreams?

Prophetic dreams are literal and symbolic. The literal prophetic dreams are those dreams, the events of which later actually occur in reality, exactly repeating everything that happened in your dream. For example, in a dream you saw a broken cup, and the next day one of your relatives really drops your favorite cup on the floor - this dream is called a literal prophetic dream.

Much more difficult — the so-called symbolic prophetic dreams. These are the dreams that the future tells us, not directly, but indirectly, through symbols. Nightmares or, conversely, happy dreams — no matter how such prophetic dreams, the interpretation of them is always more difficult than that of literal prophetic dreams. "Hints" of dreams will have to be solved with the help of dream books — for example, a broken cup usually dreams of a deterioration in health. Fortunately, there are a lot of dream books on which you can interpret the dream that you have dreamed, and all of them allow you to correctly interpret the prophetic dream — if, of course, the dream was really prophetic. If you have a dream book at hand, the interpretation of dreams, as well as prophetic dreams can be understood easily and quickly.

When prophetic dreams come?

Seeing prophetic dreams can not every person, and they are dreaming quite rare. Are prophetic dreams and days of the week - a controversial issue: it is considered that the brightest and most truthful prophetic dreams can be seen on a night from Thursday to Friday. In addition, the same prophetic dreams that were dreamed on the night of Monday to Tuesday are just as true. Finally, how truthful prophetic dreams are, depends on the number of the day of the month in which the dream was dreamed: for example, if the first number can be dreamed of really truthful prophetic dreams, as accurately as possible reflecting future events, then the second number has a dream, nothing to do with There are no realities.

In Orthodoxy there was a belief that prophetic dreams are dreamed of Baptism, but according to Catholic traditions, prophetic dreams can be dreamed for Christmas. In addition, prophetic dreams are likely and throughout the entire Christmas period, according to Epiphany, which in the Catholic tradition falls on January 19. There is a high probability that you will have a prophetic dream, and in the days of energy imbalance - prophetic dream can dream at the full moon, the Winter or Summer Solstice.

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