Dreams by Days of Week

The probability of the fulfillment of dreams is influenced by many very different factors. Interpretation of dreams is very closely related to the day of the week when he dreamed. And all because every day of the week is affected by the movement of certain celestial bodies and planets. To compare each day a particular planet of the solar system began in eastern culture. For example, in India, the names of the days of the week are absolutely in tune with the names of specific planets. Similar correspondence exists in other cultures, so in English - Sunday, which, even with minimal knowledge of languages, obviously translates as "Day of the Sun".

In addition, in order to determine the significance of dreams specific for the week, direct conclusions, made in practice in a long-term analysis, were also used. The foundation for such an analysis is psychology rather than esoterics. This approach is due to the fact that on different days of the week the human subconscious is concentrated on various topics. For example, Monday’s dreams are attempts by the brain to analyze the events of the past week and plan what is to be done on the future.

The dreams of Wednesday and Thursday are complex, because they fall on the middle of the week, which in some way is considered the peak of tension and fatigue for a person. Whereas the dreams of the last days of the week are, as a rule, connected with something detached from life and secret for the dreamer. It should also be borne in mind that those people whose way of life is far from the notion of a working week, a weekend or a day off can not fully be sure that with the above approach they will be able to find an answer to the question of whether it is important Sleep or not.

Interpretation of Dreams by Day of Week

Sleep — a mystery, the study of which a person has been involved for more than one century. It is believed that dreams carry information that can provide answers to many questions and predict the near future. However, not all dreams are the same. The incarnation of some occurs on the next day of sleep, others — after many years. Some dreams do not come true at all, forcing us to consider them meaningless. The fact is that the reliability of sleep depends on the day of the week in which we saw it.

Dreams from Sunday to Monday

Planet of Monday – Moon ☽. Dreams from Sunday to Monday carry the psychological and emotional characteristics of the sleeper. Through the pictures that appeared during sleep, you can analyze the degree of congestion, acute experiences and the state of the nervous system. The stronger the load on the psyche in life, the more strange and incomprehensible are the dreams. As a rule, they do not come true in reality. However, if this happens, the accident will not be fatal. It is recommended not to pay much attention to the dreams that appeared at the beginning of the working week.

Dreams from Monday to Tuesday

Planet of Tuesday – Mars ♂. The sleep time from Monday to Tuesday expresses the creativity of the dreamer. As a rule, he is bright and emotional. Here we should pay attention to the omens that the dream wanted to convey. If the night has caused you a lot of pleasant impressions, today you can safely start to implement new ideas, actively take up work. Or you have woken up with an unpleasant draft on your heart, then it is undesirable to start new ventures. To see victory in a dream this night is considered a prophetic omen. Implementation of such subjects takes place within the next ten days. If more time has passed, then wait for the incarnation is not worth it.

Dreams from Tuesday to Wednesday

Planet of Wednesday – Mercury ☿. Sleep from Tuesday to Wednesday is full of activity and an abundance of diverse subjects. It is practically impossible to find the only correct semantic thread in this chaos. Such dreams do not come true in reality. However, there is a small probability of realizing some separate parts of dreams that never contain anything bad in themselves.

Dreams from Wednesday to Thursday

Planet of Thursday – Jupiter ♃. The dreams that have appeared from Wednesday to Thursday are of great importance. Chances are good that it is this night that will help to find a solution to the long-standing task, to answer important questions. The vision can have a truly momentous meaning, showing methods of overcoming the financial crisis or ways to resolve conflicts.

Dreams from Thursday to Friday

Planet of Friday – Venus ♀. The next night is important for those who are interested in personal life more than work. Sleep from Thursday to Friday prophetic. The fact is that during this period there is an aggravation of intuition, which demonstrates the results through dreams. All the stories that you will be able to remember by the morning, find a place in real life. The significance of the emotional background of Friday night demonstrates future good or bad events. If you dreamed something pleasant, then life is worth the wait for luck.

Dreams from Friday to Saturday

Planet of Saturday – Saturn ♄. Sleep from Friday to Saturday can also find an application in reality. The abundance of happy events and pleasant impressions, presented by Morpheus, indicates the receipt of a mass of positive emotions in the coming days. Often visions this night characterize the events of the near future not only for the dreamer himself, but also for his close friends or family members.

Dreams from Saturday to Sunday

Planet of Sunday – Sun ☉. Seen a dream from Saturday to Sunday comes true on the same day. The events that he portends depend on the mood of the dream. If you saw something good, then surely it is worth waiting for the incarnation. In the case of a negative color vision, it may not manifest itself in real life.

Prophetic Dreams by Days of Week

If you analyze what you saw at night, you can learn about upcoming events.

  1. Monday - dreams tell about situations that will occur for a long time.
  2. Tuesday - what you see shows thoughts and emotions, dreams are often performed within 10 days.
  3. Wednesday - the night at the peak of psychological activity brings information about what will happen tomorrow.
  4. Thursday - normal dreams, can come true within a few days.
  5. Friday - this night seen will necessarily come true in the near future.
  6. Saturday - after a difficult week the brain rests, dreams rarely herald something unusual.
  7. Sunday is a festive day, the information received at night will come true in the first half of the day.

Also, in no case should we forget that the ratio of the day of the week in which the dream happened itself is not the key, because the calendar date of the dream and the lunar day on which sleep has had much more influence on its feasibility. Thus, the material describing the meaning of dreams depending on the day of the week, presented on this page, is the result of a harmonious synthesis of the experience of the esoteric people of past years and the conclusions made by modern psychologists. This approach to the question allows the most complete and relevant to determine the significance of a dream, without giving up any view.

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