Dreams in February

February is the shortest month of the year, a time of change. During this period, emotional throwing and doubt are especially acute. I will have to bear responsibility for actions committed during the year. February dreams are a repetition of the events of the day. Emotional fatigue is reflected in the visions. Dreams in which it is uncomfortable and cold, testify to problems with health. It’s time to relax a bit and give yourself time to relax. Colorful dreams, filled with pleasant visions, suggest that everything is going well in life. Bad February dreams carry a warning — you should refrain from reckless actions, you need to remain calm.

The first decade of the month — the period from January 30 to February 8, under the rule of the air sign of Aquarius ♒, the sub-ruler planet is Mercury ☿. Time to loudly declare yourself, to voice your secret desires. A period favorable for people of creativity, living emotions. Gloomy dreams in the first decade of February indicate an internal tension. Depressive mood has a negative impact on health. The source of positive emotions can serve as an unplanned journey. Colorful night visions attest to the harmony that reigns in the soul. Hence, a person correctly follows intuitive sensations, without being distracted by superfluous reasoning. It is not necessary to reduce the pace of life, vigorous activity will surely bring results.

The second decade of the month lasts from 9 to 18 February, the planet-ruler Uranus ♅, the planet sub-ruler — Venus ♀. A period of intense communication with friends and relatives, not necessarily pleasant, fair criticism and comments are possible. It is not necessary to show aggression, the recommendations of close people will help to avoid mistakes. Dreams in the second decade of February reflect inner experiences, their goal is to identify problems. Pleasant visions associated with fantastic pictures, predict new victories. A person is satisfied with his life, he is not burdened by painful doubts. Bad dreams signal exhaustion: the strength of the body is running out. Do not hurry with the implementation of plans.

The third decade of the month is the period from 19 to 29 February, under the rule of the water sign Pisces ♓, the planet-ruler Neptune ♆. Time to think about your life, there are no trifles in it, the most insignificant details are important: household issues, relations in the family, communication with colleagues. Dreams in the third decade of the month bring anxiety. Night visions affects the events of a past life. They reflect doubts and throwing, unsettled issues make it difficult to focus on important matters. Bad visions call attention to people nearby. Perhaps you should show more love for them. February dreams — tips of fate, which should be properly perceived. Bright dreams indicate a rich imagination, developed fantasy. It is worth to do creativity, the third decade of the month is a time favorable for self-expression.

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