Dreams with the Moon in Gemini

Whatever you dreamed of in the Moon in the sign of Gemini, the dream is connected with your friends and shows what joys and difficulties await you in a friendly circle. Gemini - the most sociable sign, in his dreams can be shown how you become more communicative, with whom you can communicate more, and with whom communication should not continue. Dreams of Gemini show how your friends-buddies and those with whom you often communicate, treat you, what they expect from you. Twins manage also primary education, so dreams under the Moon in Gemini give advice on what should be learned. The twins are the first of the airs, that is, the easiest sign, so his dreams show which one should be treated easier and that can very easily become yours.

☽ Moon in Gemini ♊

When the Moon enters the Gemini zodiac sign, the time comes, the most conducive to communication, especially informal, friendly communication. At the moment, you can safely tie new relationships, flirt with already familiar admirers, spend time with close friends or arrange family celebrations.

The movement of the Moon in this sector of the zodiacal circle causes our haste and some rash actions, however, this is only welcomed. Also, it is not forbidden to spend money on dear knick-knacks, to indulge your own weaknesses. It’s a good time for new acquaintances and meetings with friends. The Moon in the sign of the zodiac Gemini does not have to clarify the relationship, the observance of subordinations, some significant investments and costly acquisitions, the solution of global issues. During this period, you should try not to sit in four walls and distract from the problems.

To bad dream did not come true

This sign is so mobile that sometimes it becomes windy and frivolous. Twins are very communicative, but they can so love the process of communication, exchange of information that will become talkative. If a dream with a bad meaning you saw during the stay of the Moon in Gemini, think about whether the wind has settled in your head. Maybe you are unreasonably wasting your time, money, inexcusably easy to treat someone else’s work. Or maybe you talk too much and have already given away someone’s secrets. Immediately after sleeping with a bad meaning, seen at the Moon in Gemini, try to become more serious, talk less, then a bad dream will not come true.

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