Dreams in January

January — the beginning of the calendar year, was named in honor of the two-faced god Janus — the keeper of time, order. The energy of the last year gradually fades, January — the transition period. The second winter month is an occasion to recall all the events that took place, to sum up. January dreams can be different, they contain too much information. The visions reflect the unrest and emotions associated with the New Year holidays. Bright dreams indicate a favorable emotional state, the soul is calm: everything that has been conceived has been realized. Bad January dreams call for more attention to personal experiences. It is impossible to move forward, having behind the shoulders a load of unsolved problems.

The first decade of the month is the period from 1 to 10 January, which is under the reign of the terrestrial sign of Capricorn ♑, the sub-ruler planet ia Venus ♀. Rest time, any conflicts should be avoided. Attempts to solve important issues during this period will not bring success. It is necessary to exercise reasonable care in spending, you should not make purchases on credit. Dreams in the first decade of the month are filled with joyful anticipation of pleasant events connected with the New Year holidays. Do not attach importance to them, January dreams — the continuation of day work and hassle. If there is harmony in the soul, things are going well — the visions will contain pleasant events. Bad dreams, most likely, will not come true, they testify to internal discomfort.

The second decade of the month lasts from 11 to 20 January, the planet-ruler Saturn ♄, the sub-ruler planet — Mercury ☿. A period favorable for solving important issues, luck will accompany in any endeavors. Dreams in the second decade of January are pushing for necessary actions. Perhaps it is worth changing jobs or asking for an increase in salary. How decisive actions should be prompted by night vision. Good dreams testify to the successful completion of cases. Negative nighttime dreams warn of possible obstacles, it is necessary to avoid conflicts, to behave more calmly. An unfavorable time for manifesting stubbornness, an elaborate strategy guarantees success.

The third decade of the month is the period from 21 to 29 January, under the rule of the air sign of Aquarius ♒, the planet-ruler of Uranus ♅. Time of unexpected decisions and original ideas. A period favorable for the disclosure of creativity, you can not limit yourself in dreams and fantasies. Dreams in the third decade of the month are so fantastic that it seems impossible to embody them in reality. Night visions — a window into a future life, they predict future events. Good dreams show that success will accompany all initiatives. You can easily start new projects, give sufficient attention to your hobbies. Negative visions call to behave with restraint, not to hurry up in the decision of important matters. The main thing is not to enter into conflicts, disputes in this period will not lead to anything good.

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