Dreams in July

July is the middle of summer, the warmest and sunny month. Time of fun, any events have a positive coloring, are a source of joy. July energy has to rest, do not be too active. You need to devote as much time as possible to your hobbies and interests. July dreams are filled with rainbow dreams, bright night dreams leave a feeling of happiness. They call for the postponement of all important matters and plunge into an atmosphere of serene tranquility. Itvs time to feel free, an eccentric child. The subconscious mind is trying to convey an important thought — it’s time to rest.

The first decade of the month - the period from July 2 to July 12, the Sun is in the constellation of Cancer ♋, the planet-subruler is Pluto ♇. It’s time to think about the true values, pay attention to the family. Perhaps the emergence of people from the distant past, can remember the events of bygone days. And they will be very relevant, having a strong impact on the present. Dreams in the first decade of July contain information about relationships with loved ones. The children deserve special attention. Bright night dreams show a benevolent atmosphere reigning in the family. Any negative events of sleep can be interpreted as a hint of real problems in communication. In the power of a man to change life for the better.

The second decade of the month lasts from July 13 to July 22, the planet-ruler Moon ☽, the sub-ruler planet Neptune ♆. The best time to relax, you can rightfully relax and forget about work. A huge role is played by the emotional state, it is not worth wasting energy on trifles. July energy will serve as a powerful impetus for grandiose accomplishments, this is a guarantee of success in the near future. Dreams of the second decade of the month are filled with dreams of future events, in fantastic visions you can consider your destiny, which is inextricably linked with the life of close people. Do not attach much importance to bad July dreams, it is a reflection of internal discomfort. Perhaps it’s time to calm down and stop worrying about trifles.

The third decade of the month is the period from July 23 to August 1, which is under the rule of the fire sign of Leo ♌, the ruler planet is the Sun ☉. Time for the fulfillment of desires and unrealistic hopes. The period of activity, the awakening of creative forces. It is possible to get a tempting offer during this period, luxurious gifts will bring special joy. Dreams in the third decade of July contain information about true desires. Any planned, but postponed for a while action, will find in them a reflection. In dreams can be concluded the answer to a long tormented question, it is worth taking seriously to night visions. July dreams urge living brightly and richly, not to deny yourself anything in reality. Bad dreams usually do not come true, they just indicate a possible development of events. If negative night visions are reflected in life, then the person did not listen to intuitive sensations.

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