Dreams with the Moon in Leo

Whatever you dreamed during the Moon’s stay in Leo, these dreams are easier to decipher, linking them with your beloved person and creativity, because Leo is a sign of creativity and love. In Leo’s dreams, you can see how your relationship will develop with who you love, the possible changes on the love front, the upcoming creative successes and disappointments. People who have dedicated themselves to the creative profession, see their professional achievements and mistakes, get an appreciation of their works and see their future. The Sun that controls the Lion gives this sign a divinity, so the dreams of the Lion show your relationship with God (believers often see themselves in church, baptism, church service, while talking to church ministers in a dream). Leo is also a sign of luxury, so his dreams show how to achieve the "royal" life, what to do, what to invest in and money to get rich.

☽ Moon in Leo ♌

The time in which the Moon enters the sign of the Leo zodiac sign, simply created for fun, wide gestures and all sorts of pleasures. Visit today a beauty salon, renew your hairdo, and then arrange cheerful friendly gatherings. Now you need not stint on presents and lovely surprises for close people. Try as much as possible to visit all sorts of cultural events and give time to those who are dear to you. Just do it all free of charge, staying in the shadows, and you will definitely be rewarded. The best time to give gifts, have fun and enjoy life.

If the Moon entered the zodiac circle precisely in the Leo sector, it is necessary at all costs to keep optimism and a good mood. Do not torment yourself with heavy thoughts, do not get discouraged, be generous with others, and do not forget to pamper yourself. The movement of the Moon now contributes to relaxation, passive rest, all sorts of SPA-procedures.

To bad dream did not come true

Leo — a noble sign, but still he is a king and sometimes knows how to show his power, maybe even carried away by the power of power, forgetting about the nobility. And if you dreamed of a dream with a bad prophecy, think about whether you turned into a cruel king. Try to cultivate nobility in yourself, and a bad dream will not come to pass. This sign is connected with love. But if we refuse to love our neighbors, but love ourselves only, we can expect trouble. A bad dream of this sign will not come true.

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