Dreams with the Moon in Libra

If you saw a dream at a time when the Moon is in the sign of Libra, you know — it’s a dream about your partners, because Libra manages the topic of partnership. Dreams at this time suggest where it is worth looking for business and other partners and when Heaven makes you a partner in marriage. Even if the plot of the dream is not at all like business or family life, still this dream is about your partners. You can see their true nature and attitude to you, learn the best way of negotiating, in which you will achieve favorable conditions for your side. The scales have a wonderful taste and a sense of proportion, so dreams during the moon’s stay in this sign can suggest the perfect for your style of clothes, manner of behavior and situations in which you should often remember the measure. Libra — a sign opposite to Aries, a sign of personality. Between Libra and Aries an intense aspect is the opposition. And in Libra’s dreams, information is given about the displeased you, the opposition personalities, those whose communication or even thoughts about which cause you inner tension.

☽ Moon in Libra ♎

During the period when the Moon enters the zodiac sign of Libra, it is recommended to make new acquaintances, business contacts, and also work on strengthening existing contacts. Go on a date with a stranger, look for new business partners or just talk heart-to-heart with those who are dear to you. The movement of the Moon now contributes to all sorts of aesthetic delights and experiments, devote this time to all sorts of SPA-procedures, get beautiful decor elements for your house, in general, do everything to make the space around you and you become beautiful, the results will pleasantly surprise you.

The best time to visit friends, make new acquaintances and strengthen business ties. The Moon in Libra is considered extremely unfavorable for actions that to some extent predetermine your future, also you should not open your feelings, but the sincerity of others can not be questioned now. Try not to argue, control your emotions and appreciate what you have now.

To bad dream did not come true

The main task of Libra is to seek and find equilibrium. Such a state is very easy to break, so Libra is looking for him constantly. However, sometimes they get tired of such work and forget about sustainability, they go to extremes. Perhaps, you also forgot about the balance and in some ways reached the extreme? Immediately after a dream with a bad prophecy, seen at the Moon in Libra, ask yourself: was I not carried away? Perhaps, you attach too much importance to certain people or things in your life and this violates harmony within yourself? Or forget about the sense of proportion? After an unpleasant dream at this sign, try to treat things happening around you neutrally, calmly. Take for the rule of all adhere to the measure, so that a bad dream does not come true.

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