Dreams in March

March is the first spring month, the beginning of a new life and renewal. In ancient Rome, it was from him that the countdown of the new year began, the name of the month is associated with Mars, the god of war and aggression. People are experiencing a powerful energy recovery, a desire to create, to change lives for the better. On March, falls the day of the spring equinox — the beginning of the astrological year. The position of the planets in the zodiacal circle influences the character of the person, his state of mind and dreams. March is a time of inspiration, bold plans, vital activity. Dreams during this period most accurately reflect the inner state of a person, reveal fears or readiness to firmly follow the goals.

The first decade of the month — the period from 1 to 10 March, is under the control of the water sign Pisces ♓ and the subruler planet Moon ☽. Associated with the soul, affects the emotional state of people. The moon gives sensitivity, intuition, a person can get information about future events. It is worth paying attention to the most fantastic and unreal dreams. Most likely, they will not come true, but help to understand their own feelings, make the right decision. Subconsciousness through anxious dreams signals possible problems and failures. Colorful and bright dreams testify to confidence in oneself, readiness for courageous actions and decisions. Night dreams are just a reflection of the inner state, an occasion to reflect on spiritual comfort.

The second decade of the month lasts from 11 to 20 March, the planet-ruler of Pisces — Neptune ♆, the sub-ruler planet is Pluto ♇. Empowers people with confidence in their strength, determination and will. During this period, dramatic changes in life are possible, in a person, excitement and craving for risk are awakened. Dreams carry deep meaning, reflect the state of mind, help to better understand desires hidden deep in the subconscious. The powerful energy of the destroyer planet easily sweeps away the barriers, reveals the innermost thoughts. It’s high time to listen to inner feelings, dreams show the real state of affairs. The information concerns not only the person himself, but also his environment. Pluto is a planet that controls the destinies of many people.

The third decade lasts from 21 to 30 March, this period is marked by the manifestation of the Fire element and Aries ♈ zodiac sign, the ruler planet Mars ♂. Gives people determination, courage, ability to act quickly. A sharp surge of activity is possible, with the slightest failure — irritability. Dreams reflect the person’s secret dreams, even if he is afraid to admit to himself. The subconscious mind tries to draw attention to true desires and needs. For this period is the day of the vernal equinox. A significant date has a special, magical meaning, symbolizes the beginning of a new life. It is likely that the dreams of the third decade of March will soon come true. Night visions, filled with pleasant events, testify to well-being in reality. You can take on the most daring projects, the plans are sure to come true. If the dreams have a negative color, it is worth a bit to delay with the implementation of plans. Perhaps there are obstacles that will eventually disappear.

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