Dreams in May

May is the last spring month, named after the goddess of fertility. Flowering of vitality and creativity. May energy contributes to the disclosure of talents, a person can achieve positive results in almost a hopeless case, without making significant efforts. The only obstacle to the implementation of the plan is excessive activity. Acting should be calm, without fuss and excessive excitement. May dreams carry information that can lift the veil of the future. The ability to analyze night visions in detail is the key to peace and prosperity in real life. May dreams reflect the creative potential of a person: bright nighttime dreams indicate a rich imagination.

The first decade of the month lasts from 1 to 10 May, is under the reign of the Taurus ♉ earthly sign, the sub-ruler planet is Mercury ☿. This period is not rich in bright, significant events, it is characterized by stability, financial well-being. The main thing — patience, self-confidence. Dreams in the first decade of May can be colorful, promising in the near future interesting events: new acquaintances, passionate novels, exotic travel. It is not necessary to attach great importance to night visions, these are innermost desires that seem insignificant in the daytime. Most likely, new acquaintances will not have a serious continuation, risky actions will not be of use. Dreams of the first decade of the month should not be taken too seriously, so there is no reason to be upset if the visions were not very pleasant.

The second decade of the month is the period from 11 to 21 May, the planet-ruler of Taurus Venus ♀, the planet sub-ruler is Saturn ♄. It awards the ability to think logically, the ability to delicately understand the processes that are taking place. During this period, a person seeks to better understand himself, his little interest in social life. Dreams in the second decade of May contain information that you should pay attention to. In them you can see a hint about further actions. This is a chance to implement long-planned plans, if, of course, the vision has a positive coloring. May dreams, filled with suffering and negative emotions, indicate the need to deal with important matters: health, financial situation, family relationships. During this period, nothing is more important than inner peace, full satisfaction with the events taking place in life.

The third decade of the month is the period from 22 to 31 May, under the control of the air sign Gemini ♊, the ruler planet is Mercury ☿. Time of bright events, intense communication. People feel the need to exchange opinions, try to spend as much time as possible among friends. Dreams in the last ten days of the month contain information about the position of a person in society. Night vision can clearly show the real attitude of a close environment. Perhaps, it is worth paying attention to important trifles, which all the time you want to brush aside. It is worth revising the relationship with friends and close people.

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