Dreams by Moon Days

Since the earliest times, various mystical phenomena have been associated with the Moon, it was believed that it is able to influence the destiny of man, symbolizing the inner peace of man, the hidden facets of his consciousness. It is commonly believed that it is this luminary that affects the most important turns of human destiny, directs the flows that affect the condition of people, their state of health. This planet affects the character traits, the shades of temperament, the potential use of intuition, even to the extent to which a person has the ability to predict the future. It is the Lunar Dream Book that can help in the interpretation of dreams, based on knowledge of the influence of this luminary. This collection of interpretations of dreams includes also a special index that compares the lunar day and the degree of importance or side effect of a particular dream. This so-called lunar calendar can also serve as an appendix to any other dream book.

Interpretation of Dreams by Moon Phases

The secret of dreams can be opened by looking at the night sky. Depending on the lunar day, the same dreams can mean completely the opposite things. Suppose you were disturbed by a dream in which you are late for an airplane. You are in a hurry to collect things, wait for a taxi, but it does not come, then run for registration, but still the plane flies without you. In the morning wake up to the oppressed, waiting for you to overtake a sea of troubles. Do not panic. From the beginning it is necessary to look for an answer in the lunar calendar, and determine what is the lunar day today. Perhaps your experiences are in vain and sleep will never come true.

Do dreams come true to the waning Moon?

Dreams that were dreamed during this period mean that it will soon lose meaning for us and leave our life. If we see a negative dream, in gray paints, which causes fear, anxiety and sadness, then such a dream in real life is a good symbol. These dreams will clear us of all troubles and problems, leaving a soul harmony and confidence in the future. Well, positive dreams, is not destined to be fulfilled in the days of the waning Moon. To grieve it is not necessary, after all in these dreams we can see, that is superfluous in our life. Perhaps you change your mind by looking at the situation from the other side.

Dreams on a Growing Moon

Such dreams foreshadow the coming of a new period in life. You can see where exactly you need to change something — at work or in business, in your personal life or in your family, in your material and financial situation. They will give a clue how to start moving forward. Dreams during this period can be, as banal, and fabulous. But whatever fantastic plot they had, there is a high probability that these dreams will be fulfilled. After all, many esoterics believe that such dreams look to the future.

The Meaning of Dreams in the Full Moon

It is during the full moon that people dream of interesting and most amazing dreams. And this is not strange, because with the full moon, even nature is filled with inspiration and energy, in the seas begins to sail, rivers, lakes, too, to the maximum are filled with water. Dreams on such days indicate such situations, which are very impressive or morally exciting. It is worth pondering whether it is necessary to spend so much energy on something that we can not change. You need to pay attention to such dreams and try to moderate the raging storm of emotions.

Dreams in the New Moon

It is on the new Moon that the darkest nights. This is the birth time of something new. The full moon is responsible for the emotions, and the new moon pays more attention to peace, thought and reflection. Such dreams show the most hidden and intimate corners of our inner world. Dreaming on the new moon helps you to understand yourself and prepare you for hints that will be borne on other days.

Interpretation of dreams on lunar days

The influence of the Moon and its cycles on a person’s life is much more significant than we imagine. Lunar days can directly affect the well-being and mood of people. Knowing what today is a lunar day, you can easily manage your emotions and intentions. Being able to correctly interpret dreams on this or that lunar day, you can understand the secrets of your subconscious, which gives birth to images in dreams. Dreams and lunar day — when dreams come true on the lunar calendar:

1 Lunar Day: today dreams can be prophetic. Carefully refer to what you saw in a dream. Try to correctly analyze and explain the dream — it can bring you much benefit, will allow you to see the solution to the current difficulties. Most often, dreams of the first lunar day are predicted to be something good, but if you suddenly had a painful dream on one lunar day, promising something unkind, one should not tell it to anyone, otherwise it can make the performance of the evil more likely.

2 Lunar Day: as a rule, are not informative. However, today still in very encrypted form can come the guide to action in life. But if you do not have a lot of experience in decoding dreams, do not waste your time on it, or contact specialists, because on these days there is too much risk to dream yourself up instead of getting true conclusions.

3 Lunar Day: as a rule, today’s dreams do not come true and do not carry especially important information. However, since the symbol of the day is a snow leopard, and all day long, one way or another sends us to strength and struggle, even in the dream of this day one should not surrender to the mercy of anyone - be ready for serious karmic tests.

4 Lunar Day: on this day, dreams are prophetic, but what they were reported in, as a rule, does not come true very soon. These dreams carry a lot of time. If you saw your parents in a dream (regardless of whether they are alive or gone) on 4 lunar days, it means that you have difficulties that require solving, and your relatives help you in this. Just dreamed deceased close people on this day - to the good, they protect you.

5 Lunar Day: An excellent sign, if today you dream that you are traveling. Or even if you just see yourself on the road in a dream - good. Not a very good sign today will be a nightmare or a painful dream. Most likely, this is a signal about a hidden disease. If you have any suspicions about your body - go to the doctor.

6 Lunar Day: today’s dreams can not be told to anyone, no matter what they are. Very often the dreams of the 6th lunar day bear important information, only, as a rule, it is encrypted, full of symbols. Do not try in dreams 6 lunar days to seek an answer on the surface. The dreams of this day can be not only prophetic, but also reminiscent. Perhaps what you saw in a dream is a sign that you have something important and unfinished that you forgot about.

7 Lunar Day: dreams on the 7th lunar day are very informative and often prophetic. The information of dreams of today, as a rule, is easily deciphered, which allows a person to apply as quickly as possible learned during sleep - in life. Very soon come true. Most often, they are favorable. But you can not tell anyone about them.

8 Lunar Day: the dreams of the current day are milestones that can be guided in the life path. They usually tell you where to go next. However, dreams of 8 lunar days are intricate. In spite of the fact that often they are also prophetic, however you can not guess what exactly was predicted in a dream, after the predicted event has already come true.

9 Lunar Day: dreams, as a rule, in this day, they look unpleasant, painful. But, you can be calm, in fact, they do not predict anything. So, no matter how terrible your dream is, try to just forget it as soon as possible and not succumb to these dark charms. Only dreams come true that foreshadow success.

10 Lunar Day: night of beautiful and, alas, useless dreams. Most often, dreams on this day are very pleasant, easy, bright and joyful. However, they do not carry absolutely any information, therefore there is no sense to waste time and effort in deciphering them. The only thing that is very important in this day: if in a dream you will see someone from ancestors. The ancestors on this day bear important information. If there is an opportunity to turn to a professional or have your own skill, it is on these days that you can try to provoke a meeting with perdies to gain important knowledge.

11 Lunar Day: the details of sleep are not so important today, but the mood and sensations left after awakening are important. If you have pleasant and good dreams in 11 lunar days, it means that you are on the right track in life. If the dream leaves a painful feeling, then somewhere you are confused, and you should carefully review the plans, goals and relationships. You do not need any skills to decipher the dreams, just appreciate your feelings. The most disturbing call this night will be a dream in which you yourself are the source of evil. This is an occasion to seriously think about your own spirituality.

12 Lunar Day: pay attention only to good dreams - only they have a chance to incarnate in reality. Nightmares, no matter how bright and realistic they may be, do not carry any important information.

13 Lunar Day: dreams on this day indicate to you unresolved problems, which are better to eliminate as quickly as possible. The only catch is that these dreams, as a rule, are symbolic. And sometimes you have to break your head to understand what exactly was the dream. But if after a dream, no matter what you dream, you have a clear thought in your head, then it is absolutely truthful.

14 Lunar Day: today is not easy to understand. You may need to ask for help in decrypting them. There is a high probability that in a dream today you will discover something that was deeply hidden in your subconscious. If you can correctly interpret the received knowledge, you will get a big step forward in life.

15 Lunar Day: dreams today are very important. You should look into dream interpreters, or try to decipher the dream yourself, because Today, information rarely comes in an obvious form. Most likely, the dream will be a kind of cipher that needs to be interpreted correctly in order to solve current problems and difficulties.

16 Lunar Day: dreams today are purifying. With them, a negative person leaves. To a sick person, dreams of the sixteenth lunar day bring a speedy recovery. A healthy person, thanks to his dreams, gets rid of the stress that has accumulated inside him.

17 Lunar Day: dreams are meaningful. It is important not only for sleeping content, but for feeling after awakening. If after sleep you feel good, then in life you go in the right direction and you can count on the realization of yourself in relations with people. If, after awakening, you feel uneasy or uneasy at your soul, it means that you are too closed and you should reconsider some vital positions. At a minimum, more creativity should be added to life.

18 Lunar Day: In a dream today you can see something that hinders your progress. They often show the problem we are concerned with and how to solve it, or cure if there is a disease. However, dreams of 18 lunar days deprive the body of strength, because the less you sleep, the better.

19 Lunar Day: dreams today can be frightening. However, they can show you what you yourself did not know about yourself. However, it is too easy to make the wrong, erroneous conclusion after sleep, therefore it is recommended to interpret dreams of 19 lunar days only to those who have a lot of experience in this.

20 Lunar Day: dreams are special, can be prophetic, can bring you extremely useful information. Dreams can be managed today, and if there is sufficient experience, then enter into someone else’s dream. Before you go to sleep, ask a question and choose to see the answer in a dream. If the question is serious, chances are high that the answer in a dream will come to you. The dreams of this day are fulfilled quickly.

21 Lunar Day: dreams are often pleasant, but the reality of the relationship is small and quickly fly out of your head. This is good, because They still do not come true.

22 Lunar Day: dreams come true. 22 lunar day is a day of wisdom, intuition, prompts. Almost always in them there is an answer to questions that concern you in the current period, tips for solving pressing problems, if you can decipher your dreams, you will certainly be able to improve your life. Very useful information can dream.

23 Lunar Day: because the day is complex and difficult, by itself, the voltage output will happen to you in dreams. Most often, the dreams of the twenty-third lunar day are unpleasant, frightening and painful. However, they can contain important information that needs to be decoded. It is not absolutely necessary that this is a prophecy of the negative, the message can be absolutely creative, even in such a negative shell. However, the dreams of the 23rd lunar day are solved only by those who have a lot of experience in this sphere.

24 Lunar Day: day is closely connected with the love energy, then the dreams of today’s lunar days reflect whether you are all right in this area. Both men and women. The very details of sleep are of little importance. More important is the impression that the dream left. Tough and nightmarish dreams indicate that in the sexual sphere you have problems that need to be addressed without delay. Accordingly, favorable dreams indicate that you are all right in the intimate sphere. Also, dreams of 24 lunar days can manifest the events of past lives.

25 Lunar Day: Dreams do not come true, although it is possible that in the near future you will be deceived. If you have a bad dream, pray in the morning and say 3 times: "Wherever night, there and sleep." Until midday, open the tap with cold water, tell her your dream and imagine how he goes along with the water in the drain, the water will carry him away.

26 Lunar Day: if the day is too great a risk to distort the incoming information and make wrong conclusions, then the dreams of the 26 lunar days are true and completely straightforward. Everything you see today in a dream is straightforward, without ciphers, a reflection of your life. What qualities you will see in yourself in a dream, so you have. Therefore, you should listen to them and draw conclusions. Dreams on this day are unusual. Often improve the mood.

27 Lunar Day: dreams come true. Often they are confused, intricate, but carry intuitive insights, reveal the true essence of people and situations. As a rule, dreams of the 27th day show how much your life differs from your fantasies about your own life. These dreams are symbolic, it is extremely important to explain them as accurately as possible, otherwise it is difficult to get the benefit out of these dreams.

28 Lunar Day: dreams are prophetic and bear clues. Presents obstacles, difficulties in business. In dreams on the 28th lunar day, people often see themselves in unaccustomed images, in a strange body. It is believed that they can "cancel" them, losing money, thus bringing the victim as compensation.

29 Lunar Day: a heavy and very difficult day in the entire lunar cycle, saturated mainly with negative energy. As in other satanic lunar days, dreams today are restless, scary, frightening, but completely false. They do not come true.

30 Lunar Day: the dreams of the 30th lunar day are rarely prophetic. Fantastic, but truthful in nature, they have a rational meaning that needs only to be interpreted correctly.

What dreams come true on the lunar calendar?

It must be borne in mind that prophetic and other meaningful dreams are more often seen on the growing Moon and the closer to the full moon, the more likely it is to see such a dream. If you believe Eastern astrology, then dreams will come true, which occurred on the 14th, 15th, 16th, 24th, and 28th lunar days. Do not pay attention to dreams on the 2nd, 9th and 13th day of the Moon, because most often, such dreams do not come true. In other lunar days dreamless dreams are dreamed, the probability of their execution is 50 to 50. It is worthwhile to think, if these are only dreams "in the hand", they can get on any day, regardless of the lunar calendar. Dreams that dreamed until the sixteenth lunar day (full moon), will come true in the near future, and those that were dreamed after — can be fulfilled after a certain time, sometimes even very long. But do not forget that the lifetime of the dream in reality is different for everyone.

If in the lunar days, promising high sales of dreams, the Moon will be in signs of the water element (Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces), the probability of realizing a prophetic sleep will increase even more. Also, pay attention to what time of the night you had a dream. As a rule, the closer to the morning, the more important the dream is. Also, keep in mind: the brighter, the more memorable the dream you dreamed, the more likely it is that it will be prophetic. Such dreams, dreamed after 3 am, come true very quickly, usually during the day. Dreams that are dreamed from 0 to 3 hours, come true on average for three months, and dreams that are dreamed until midnight either do not come true at all, or come true in a very long time. If you have a habit of sleeping during the day, remember that daytime dreams, as a rule, do not mean anything at all. So, approach this information creatively, do not take it as a dogma, that is too literal. After all, the interpretation of dreams — a creative thing, akin to art!

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