Dreams in November

November is the last month of autumn, the approach of winter is becoming more and more acute. Time to reconsider your attitude to life, to engage in spiritual development. You’ll have to live through some not very pleasant moments, remaining alone with myself. November is a period of trials, torments and doubts. Do not be too self-confident, trusting logic and reasonable reflections. Time, rich in surprises, may not have the best impact on the fate of man. November dreams are filled with a special, mystical energy. Night visions accurately predict future events. November dreams are the key to unraveling the most incredible events taking place in life. Fate gives a chance to change, they need to use.

The first decade of the month is the period from 3 to 12 November, under the rule of the Scorpio ♏ water sign, the sub-ruler planet — Neptune ♆. Time for deep reflection, for the successful implementation of all conceived plans, it is necessary to correctly prioritize. Dreams in the first decade of November are filled with mystical meaning, you should not take them too literally. A fantastic story may not be repeated in reality, it contains a hint that must be properly understood. Bad dreams indicate discontent with life, a desire to change it for the better. Reasonable adherence to intuition, confidence in one’s own feelings is the guarantee of a successful future. The tip should be sought in good November dreams, their goal is to help solve the most difficult issues.

The second decade of the month lasts from November 13 to 22, the planet-ruler is Pluto ♇, the sub-ruler planet is the Moon ☽. Time to pay attention to health, it is worth significantly lower the pace of life. Not the best period for noisy parties, the maximum concentration on your own feelings is the way to success. Dreams in the second decade of November contain information on health. Coldness, loneliness, melancholy — signals, clearly indicating a bad state of health. It’s time to pay attention, you need to stay a little in peace and quiet. Night visions, filled with joyful events, indicate prosperity. You can not worry — failures will be bypassed.

The third decade of the month is the period from November 23 to December 2, which is under the rule of the fire sign of Sagittarius ♐, the ruler planet is Jupiter ♃. Time for bold decisions, any endeavors will be very successful, if you do not ignore the clues of fate. Dreams in the third decade of the month contain information about the near future. Visions that give positive emotions, guarantee success. Do not ignore the slightest warning: a dream may seem strange, but it contains a hint of further developments. Bad dreams can come true, so you need to be prepared as best you can for negative consequences. There is a great danger of getting into an unpleasant situation or making an unsuccessful trip. November dreams carry a warning, so you can not treat them lightly.

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