Dreams in October

October is the middle of autumn, the time of rains and leaves. A period of impermanence, life is filled with events, the outcome of which can not be foreseen. Do not expect that things will go too well, you may have to take a defensive position. Life is changeable, like the weather, after the troubles must come a band of luck. October dreams can be interpreted in different ways, it is important to grasp their basic meaning — do not rush to make a decision. Pleasant night visions promise a successful conclusion of all affairs, a joyful meeting with old acquaintances. Dreams in which a person is cold and uncomfortable, testify to problems in real life: misunderstanding between close people, trouble in the service.

The first decade of the month is the period from 4 to 13 October, which is under the control of the Libra ♎ air sign, the sub-ruler planet is Uranus ♅. Time for communication with loved ones. We will have to work hard to defend our positions in relations with colleagues and partners. Dreams in the first decade of October can prompt the right decision. It’s worthwhile to take a closer look at new acquaintances, the friendship that has arisen during this period will last for many years. To see in a dream warm friendly gatherings — to improve relations with longtime friends. Negative dreams contain a warning: selfishness and stubbornness are not the best qualities, they can destroy a strong relationship. It is necessary to learn to exercise tact and patience in dealing with all people without exception.

The second decade of the month lasts from October 14 to October 23, the ruler-planet Venus ♀, the sub-ruler planet — Mercury ☿. A favorable period for change, you can be persistent and persevere in business matters. Dreams in the second decade of October contain warnings about possible problems at work, it is necessary to establish contact with all colleagues. This is the best time for team building. Night vision, in which there are many people, including the most distant relatives, call attention to the close environment. Any negative events of sleep can be reflected in life, illnesses and quarrels in the family are possible.

The third decade of the month is the period from October 24 to November 2, which is under the rule of the Scorpio ♏ water sign, the ruler planet is Pluto ♇. Dreams in the third decade of the month reflect internal doubts and experiences. It is worth listening to your own feelings as often as possible. A sharp sense of intuition will help to understand how night vision can come true in reality. Colorful dreams show the peace of mind, confidence in their abilities. Man is not afraid of future trials, you can take on any business — success is guaranteed. Unpleasant visions signal internal disharmony, do not take on grandiose projects, a failure is possible. Time to think about what is happening in life, make the necessary changes to improve your well-being. The situation is too shaky, October — a time of reflection and work on yourself.

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