Dreams with the Moon in Pisces

The depth of our psyche is controlled by the sign of Pisces, and when the Moon is here, each of us sees in his dream his soul and the state of the souls of other people. If you dream a calm, beautiful dream, then your soul is pacified and is in a state of harmony. But it is difficult to meet a man with iron nerves, with a very stable psyche, so, as a rule, Pisces dreams are not calm. But whatever you dream these days, remember — sleep reflects your inner state, everything that disturbs your soul or makes it happy, lands or inspires.

☽ Moon in Pisces ♓

The movement of the Moon in the Pisces zodiac sign has a special effect on people. Now you need to devote time to your loved ones, arrange unusual surprises for them, go on small romantic trips and preferably to a pond. Also, the Moon in the zodiac sign of Pisces favors creative people, today it is not recommended to engage in any important business. If you are with your half in a wonderful relationship, be sure to make a romantic appointment, this will further strengthen your love.

Refrain in the day from drinking, be selective in contacts, do not communicate with suspicious personalities. Today limbs and stomach are vulnerable. The best time to organize unexpected surprises for your loved ones, romantic dates and water walks. The zodiac circle in the Pisces sector is characterized by the fact that everything you have done during this period will return to you as a boomerang, and with redoubled force. The Moon has a huge impact on all life on Earth, and, knowing its laws, you can turn this one into help, and ignoring them, doom yourself to unnecessary difficulties.

To bad dream did not come true

Controlling the deep waters of our souls Pisces are very restless. Pisces are able to live a soul, to feel the world, but they can easily bring themselves to a mental breakdown, exacerbating the world’s shortcomings in their imagination. Perhaps, you, having seen a bad dream under this sign, will understand that they began to react painfully to difficulties and troubles, that your soul fell ill. To the bad dream of this sign did not come true, inspire confidence of a sensible person, forget about pessimism, raise your head and boldly go to meet possible difficulties.

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