Dreams with the Moon in Sagittarius

In life, we do not often go to distant travel, which is exactly what Sagittarius is running. But if you are going to another country or to the distant city of your homeland, it makes sense to pay attention to the dreams seen at the Moon in Sagittarius. They will have everything that you will encounter on the journey. Sagittarius is associated with spiritual life, with travels of the spirit. The dreams of Sagittarius can show the way of people left from Earth, maybe your relatives, and your own spiritual path. Sagittarius — a sign of philosophy, religion. His dreams are full of philosophical meaning. They give an idea of the universe, can contain the idea of your earthly existence, that is, reveal the meaning of life.

☽ Moon in Sagittarius ♐

When the Moon enters the sign of the Sagittarius, it’s especially good to spend time with our lesser brothers. Go for a long walk with a pet, visit the zoo or some zoological exhibition, go to the dolphinarium or horse school. The movement of the moon during this period contributes to any kind of trips, they will pass safely and will bring only positive results. You can simply go to the park, go on a walk through the streets of your native city or its surroundings.

Do whatever gives you some new knowledge or useful information. This time is categorically forbidden to passively, be discouraged, and communication with others can not be ignored. Show concern for our younger brothers and they will repay you the same. When the Moon in the sign of the Sagittarius zodiac work well with important documents, sign contracts. However, refrain from buying natural stones, drinking low-alcohol beverages, and try not to change anything today.

To bad dream did not come true

The philosophical attitude of the mind often spoils Sagittarius life. Arguing and knowing, Sagittarius sometimes does not see reality, and the hard ground slips away from under his feet. And if under this sign you had a bad dream, think, maybe you, like Sagittarius, rushed to the horizon, to unconquered heights, but do not see the life that surrounds you. Maybe you talk a lot, but do little? A bad dream of this sign will not come true if you combine your profundity with the realities of life.

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