Dreams with the Moon in Scorpio

Scorpio manages easy ways of profit (including inheritance), intimate life, magic. Being in this sign, the Moon gives us dreams on the themes of Scorpio. Even if in this dream you do not see your rich uncle, the attributes of a magician or intimate environment, know: a dream tells you how you can easily get rich, what awaits you in an intimate life, and magically reveals the invisible side of what is happening around you. In such dreams one can see the explanation of strange events, see a secret connection of phenomena, perhaps started in previous lives, between you and other people.

☽ Moon in Scorpio ♏

The period in which the moon enters the Scorpio zodiac sign is considered to be endowed with a special mystical energy. At this time you can turn to fortune-telling, conduct practices that allow you to learn the secrets and inaccessible information, including one that is hidden in the depths of our own "I". Now we need to take up the study of something new, all knowledge of a theoretical nature will be given to you very easily. But the mastery of the practical skills will interfere with the emotions that you gain. The time when everything secret becomes obvious, inaccessible — accessible!

The Moon in the Scorpio zodiac sign is the ideal time for work that requires mental effort, now you can find not only answers to your questions, but also some missing material values. The movement of the Moon in this sector of the zodiacal circle promotes immersion into one’s own world, self-analysis. Avoid gathering in noisy companies, mass events, limit as much as possible any communication, and carefully select each word, as it can lead to very disastrous consequences.

To bad dream did not come true

Scorpio has one curious quality, for many very unpleasant: Scorpio loves and knows how to profit on the gift of a girl. And if you saw a dream with a bad prophecy under this sign, maybe you are ready to do the same or have already done it? After an unpleasant dream, seen at the Moon in Scorpio, it is better to forget about any easy ways of profit (about the lottery, about the possibility to take money ostensibly in debt, for example). Scorpio is associated with magic, with any magic techniques. He is a tempter, a seducer. A bad dream at this sign will not come true or will come to pass with less trouble if you leave attempts to bewitch, enchant someone, get strength and not be tempted by the illusory delights of the material world.

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