Dreams in September

September is the first month of autumn, the time for summarizing the results of previous cases. Responsible period in the life of each person, giving an answer to many questions. The energy of the month promotes productive activity and deep reflection. September is the day of the autumnal equinox, symbolizing harmony and balance in nature. A favorable period for cardinal changes in life, before the end of the year there is still time to work on the mistakes. September dreams contain information about the future of well-being, carry a positive charge, inspiring to achieve success. Negative night vision signals that it’s time to reconsider the habitual way of life.

The first decade of the month is the period from 4 to 13 September, under the reign of the earthly sign of the Virgo ♍, the sub-ruler planet is Saturn ♄. Time to work on yourself, you should pay the most serious attention to the usual daily business. Iridescent dreams and fantasies are in the past, in the first place are everyday issues. Dreams in the first decade of September can contain information related to professional activities. Pleasant night vision shows that in the near future a person deserves a well-deserved reward. Dreams with negative coloring warn about problems at work. Perhaps, it is necessary to reconsider the attitude to colleagues or to start more responsibly to concern to official duties. Diligent and diligent work will be appreciated in the near future.

The second decade of the month lasts from 14 to 22 September, the planet-ruler of Mercury ☿, the sub-ruler planet Venus ♀. A period of harmony, it’s time to show tact and patience. Perhaps the emergence of conflict situations in relationships related to close people, they must be settled by any means. Dreams in the second decade of September contain information about a long period, until the end of the year. Particularly serious is the night vision at the date of the autumn equinox. Pleasant dreams can be charged with positive for a long time. Dreams filled with fear testify to inner disarrangement. In the future, problems can arise if one does not come to terms with oneself. It’s time to change a life, any changes — for the better.

The third decade of the month is the period from September 23 to October 3, which is under the rule of the Libra ♎ air sign, the ruler planet Venus ♀. Time of tranquility and serenity, well-being in all matters. Dreams in the third decade of September reflect inner feelings. If doubts about relationships with loved ones have settled in the soul, then night’s dreams will bring suffering. Bright dreams, filled with joyful emotions, testify to calmness and self-confidence. Do not rely entirely on night vision, intuition will tell you how best to proceed in a controversial situation. September dreams are an occasion to reflect on the future, to work out the right strategy. You can safely change your life, the main thing is to achieve an important goal — to find inner peace.

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