Dreams with the Moon in Taurus

If the Moon is in Taurus, then our dreams are now about earthly pleasures, material goods, because Taurus is a sign of earthly stability, satisfaction of carnal needs. Taurus rarely possesses a large wealth, he is a hard worker, gradually accumulating his fortune. This sign does not give excesses, luxury, but it helps to get a small but stable income. Whatever you see during the Moon’s stay in Taurus, you know, in these dreams there is a clue about how to achieve a stable financial position, what kind of activity will bring you a stable income. In addition, Taurus is a sign of physical strength, and his dreams contain warnings about possible loss of strength and health, tips on how to strengthen your body.

☽ Moon in Taurus ♉

The period when the Moon entered the Taurus zodiac sign is considered the most successful for various costly purchases, today one can safely acquire something with a long service life. But, in no case do not mindless acquisitions, they will throw you into losses. The movement of the Moon in this sector of the starry sky contributes to all sorts of health and rejuvenating procedures, now the earth as ever generously share our energy with us, so do not miss the opportunity to go on a picnic. This period is also favorable for all possible manipulations with indoor plants.

This is a good time to buy an apartment, expensive equipment or valuables. Moreover, the Moon in Taurus is an ideal period for investing funds, which will certainly give you generous dividends, though not as fast as you would like. Also, this time promotes business negotiations, in particular with the higher officials. The main thing is to be thorough and to everything come responsibly, Taurus does not tolerate negligence and hasty, unnecessary actions.

To bad dream did not come true

Taurus is an earth sign, practical, calculating. But sometimes its practicality and prudence turn into excessive pragmatism. And if you had a dream with a bad meaning when you found the Moon in Taurus, think, maybe you have become too materialistic. After such a dream, try to think about something sublime, dream, philosophize and less often remember the worldly vanity to prevent sleep from coming true. Taurus is a sign of carnal satisfaction, a sign of feelings and desires. Maybe that’s why he promised a nuisance dream that it’s time to teach you a lesson about gluttony (in any form). Arrange your body for unloading days, do not blame him, and no trouble with you will not happen.

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