Dreams with the Moon in Virgo

The Moon entered into the Virgo sign — the time of dreams about the duties (work as a service), about the help you provide or will render to someone or someone will provide you. Earth sign Virgo manages any forms of practical assistance. Employees of state institutions, not spoiled by a good salary, can well be called ministers, state aides. In dreams with such a Moon they can see their work, the perspective that awaits them in the service. Under the Virgo’s sign, this is the kind of service that you see when you help someone, work for someone, but do not expect to be encouraged. Dreams of the Virgo, regardless of their plot, show your responsibilities and duty, what you must do to realize, and how to do it. In the dreams of the Virgo, you see that you are obligated to do something that no one else can do except you. Whatever you see while the Moon is in Virgo, you know: you dreamed about what will soon make you obey circumstances, which will require your strength, money, time. In a dream, your friend can ask you for help as the only person who can really support him. You can see the place of your service, and soon the authorities will call you irreplaceable and offer a job that can only be up to you.

☽ Moon in Virgo ♍

The period when the Moon enters the Virgo zodiac sign, it is necessary to devote to getting rid of everything superfluous, ordering the surrounding space. Try to find out all the uncertainties in relations with others, putting all the points above "i". Any action aimed at achieving cleanliness will justify even the most daring of your expectations. When the Moon enters the Virgo sign, we become as focused as possible on the details and subtle nuances, our brain remains cold and calculating. That is why now it’s good to tackle very complex and important issues for you, everything will be possible with ease.

It’s also a good time to sign various contracts, since nothing will escape you and they will surely be successful for you. The movement of the Moon now affects so that any mass entertainment will be fraught with a person. This time should be devoted to communication with the closest relatives. Try to be more tolerant of others, release all your grievances, show the breadth of your soul. Also, pay special attention to what you eat, all fatty and fried can harm not only physical, but also moral health.

To bad dream did not come true

Virgo is an excellent analyst. But, possessing a highly developed intellect, she is often carried away and buries herself in the sand of endless questions and answers. Virgo is very intelligent, but it is sometimes that scares people away from her. If you have a dream with a bad prophecy under the Moon in this sign, do not think, do not analyze, but try to feel the answer to the question that is worrying you at the moment. For a while, forget about the arguments of the mind and trust your intuition. Girls are loved because she is trying for others, but maybe you have forgotten about your neighbors and care only about your well-being? And you want to punish for this? After an unpleasant sleep with the Moon in Virgo, try not to brush aside requests for help, then the bad prophecy will not come true.

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