Dreams by Zodiac Signs

In the dreams of some people objects, landscapes, plants, animals do not make any sense, in dreams of others are signs — favorable or not. Morpheus, the god of dreams, sends them not by chance. For each zodiacal element, special prophetic symbols are stored in it. In the dreams of each zodiacal trinity, united under the sign of the elements of Water, Fire, Air or Earth, one can distinguish special signs and symbols. Happy — they favor the adoption of an important decision, suggest how to act in difficult life situations. Unfavorable, on the contrary, warn the dreamer of difficulties and abrupt changes, foreshadow problems.

Dreams of the Water Zodiac Signs

Representatives of the water element signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces) often dream of prophetic dreams. Particular attention should be paid to the strange places in which they find themselves in night dreams. Of great importance are the environment and the atmosphere in which they are in a dream, as well as the emotions that this situation evokes in them.

Pisces is peculiar to see as specific dreams, and completely blurred. Their dreams often talk about feelings and relationships between people, about problems with children. Cancers dream prophetic dreams, which talk about the road, travel, plans for the near future. Dreams related to religion are very important. They often see Angels in a dream. Scorpios should pay special attention to dreams about a career, they may dream of a ticket that will appear on the exam or possible problems in business.

A great semantic load is borne by natural landscapes, especially water bodies and the nature of the water in them. Quiet, calm water symbolizes harmony in one’s personal life and the safe resolution of working issues. Waterfalls, waves, a storm — harbingers of the impending stormy events and the beginning of a passionate relationship. Meeting with difficulties presages a dream in which a dreamer falls under a cold rain. However, if this does not cause him unpleasant sensations, then overcome these difficulties it will not be very difficult.

Good signs: butterflies, dolphins, dogs, fruit trees, honey, sweets, beautiful landscapes.

Bad signs: blood (own or strange), meat (see or eat it).

Dreams of the Fire Zodiac Signs

Aries, Leo and Sagittarius should never ignore recurring dreams. We must always think about what the subconscious wants to say with their help. Also, the dreamer should pay attention to dreams that seem quite incredible. So, scenes that appeared to him in night dreams, reminiscent of the plot of the movie "Star Wars", can be a code to understand his inner problems.

Aries rarely see prophetic these dreams, more often it’s just a continuation of the day’s work or the plot of the movie. But if this happens, they see bright pictures, and are able to clearly describe them. Lions rarely remember their dreams, but if they remember, they will accurately retell the whole script and draw conclusions, though not always true. Sagittarius can give birth to brilliant ideas and invent new religions in their sleep, and forget about it in the morning.

The surrounding world in the dreams of the fiery zodiacal trinity does not carry a great semantic load. Much more important is the actions and feelings of the dreamer himself. Dreams in which he swims, rises uphill, flies, runs away or fights, are treated accordingly, without any prejudice. The outcome of these actions is important. Did the dreamer climb to the top? Good. No, bad. Won in a fight — a sign of success, lost — defeat waits and in reality.

Good signs: the sun, fire, bright light, any objects of yellow, golden and orange.

Bad signs: gray hair, tooth loss, eye disease, wounds, especially in the head, tears (your own or others).

Dreams of the Air Zodiac Signs

Dreams of Gemini, Libra and Aquarius are the most difficult in interpretation. The most important information in them is often concluded in minute detail. Landscapes, major events, people — all this often acts only as a background, and signs of fate should be read in inconspicuous objects, figures or letters.

Aquarius can make scientific discoveries in a dream. Dreams help the twins to deal with their psychological problems and find the best solution in intricate family relationships. Libra dreams of anticipating a meeting with a lover.

The dreams of the aerial zodiacal trinity, which are related to the relationship, are often inverted. For example, betrayal and betrayal in a dream in reality will turn into a joyful meeting, pleasant loving experiences, and a kiss, on the contrary, portends quarrels and a scandal based on jealousy.

Good signs: musical instruments and beautiful music, theater, performance, masks, gloves, jewelry.

Bad signs: sharp objects, chest damage, bad smell, loud, unpleasant music, choking, coughing.

Dreams of the Earth Zodiac Signs

Practical and solid Virgo, Capricorns and Taurus often dream about the house, apartment or room. To read the tips of fate, you need to pay special attention to the interior and design of these premises, to recall the condition of furniture, ceilings, walls, windows, roof, etc.

Taurus is characterized by dreams that speak of a physical condition, they can warn about the disease. Virgo can wake up with a ready solution to problems at work. Capricorns see complex intricate dreams, but they appear specific images, which prompt the right path.

So, broken beds and tables symbolize loss and loss, a leaking roof — opportunities that can not be used, a house without doors — a desperate situation, broken windows — defenselessness and the risk of becoming a victim of deception. Torn clothing can symbolize a decline in social status.

Good signs: richly laid table, appetizing dishes, berries, fruits, beautiful furniture (especially brown), garments (in good condition), mirror.

Bad signs: natural disasters (earthquakes, hurricanes, floods), fire, skewed house, stairs, mud, back and abdominal injuries.

Dreams Interpretation by the Lunar Horoscope

Astrologers report that each sign of the Zodiac corresponds to prophetic dreams of a certain theme: some sees travel, others — winnings in the lottery, while others can even forget their dreams immediately after awakening. Therefore, before you begin to believe in all your dreams, you should try to connect what you saw in a dream, with what astrologers say about the signs of the Zodiac. This will get rid of unnecessary worries and know exactly when to prepare for sleep.

Moon in Aries Dreams about Personal Success — they set us up to get tips related to the victories and competitions in which we participate, whether it’s competition in the office, or competition for the attention of the person you like, they contain hints on those situations and relationships in which "the war is on" And to such personal qualities as instability, tension, protective functions, both physiological — immunity, and social, the will to win, leadership.

Moon in Taurus Dreams about Diligence — they set us up to receive tips related to the financial sphere and the state of health, and to such personal qualities as calmness and confidence, intellectual abilities, excessive care for money and the desire for comfort.

Moon in Gemini Dreams about Friendly Communication — they set us up to receive hints related to our circle of communication, ways of communication, to what information we need, or to how we receive it and how it is managed, and to such personal qualities as variability and unpredictability, ease in communication with people, as well as assessing your qualities and behavior.

Moon in Cancer Dreams about Home and Family — they set us up to receive tips related to the home, family and the household, as well as to everyday issues and tribal problems, and to such personal qualities as sensitivity, connection with the subconscious, relationships in the family and with relatives. And also to receive information on inheritance issues, real estate, which we own, are going to buy, or sell.

Moon in Leo Dreams about Love and Creativity — they set us up to receive hints related to our creativity, or its absence, to our love relationships and loved ones, as well as to recognizing or not recognizing our merits by the surrounding world and people, and to such personal qualities as talent, creativity, expressiveness, beauty, and the overall attractiveness of a person as a whole.

Moon in Virgo Dreams about Duties — set us up to receive tips related to the order, or its absence in our life, to the regime and order of our life, work, relationships, to important trifles, of which life consists, as well as to health, and to such qualities Personality, as circumspection, criticality, scrupulousness.

Moon in Libra Dreams about partnership — they set us up to receive hints related to our circle of communication, ways of communication, to what information we need, or to how we receive it and how it is managed, and to such personal qualities as variability and unpredictability, ease of communication With people, as well as assessing your qualities and behavior.

Moon in Scorpio Dreams about passion and wealth — they set us up to receive tips related to our sexual life, to deep karmic tasks and knots, to personal relationships and relationships with "senior in rank" (with officials, police, tax, etc.), and such qualities of personality as imbalance, strong passions, consequences of stress.

Moon in Sagittarius Dreams about Traveling — they set us up to receive tips related to our spiritual world, to our connection, or its absence with higher powers, as well as to those "examples for other people" that we can or should become, and to such personal qualities, as impressionability and a positive attitude, image, impression, which the person makes on surrounding people.

Moon in Capricorn Dreams about Work and Career — they set us up to get tips related to our strategic plans, career, place on the social ladder, weight in the society, etc., and also can contain clues about how to become an "honors pupil" in something, If we are already "excellent" and can relax, and to such personal qualities as isolation and coldness, to social status, long-term strategic plans and their feasibility.

Moon in Aquarius Dreams about Inventions — set us up to receive tips related to our thoughts, consciousness: how we think about what we think, where the power of our thought is directed and what our way of thinking can lead us to, and to such personal qualities as subtlety of perception, altruism, Communication with higher forces.

Moon in Pisces Dreams about Soul State — they set us up to receive tips related to our future and to such personal qualities as receptivity, vulnerability, dreaminess, understanding and manifestation of one’s own abilities.

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